The end of the summer movie season is upon us, which means it's going to be a long next couple of months. While there are still bound to be notable titles between September and December, August is typically one of the months where studios compete with untested talent. They're on the hunt for their next big hit, be it a family friendly comedy, or YA novel series that delivers the goods. Ultimately you, the viewer, win, as there's a slew of potential heading our way, in particular the following 10 notable films heading to theaters near you - starting this weekend.

Christopher Robin

Winnie The Pooh has always been one of Disney's most underrated franchises, with the silly old bear and his friends typically taking a backseat to the rest of the studio's canon. But the Hundred Acre Wood gang is about to have another day in the sun, as director Marc Forster's Christopher Robin sees it human protagonist, played by Ewan McGregor, in much need of his old friends and the wisdom they impart. Expect Kleenex stock to rise with this one.

Opens: August 3rd

The Darkest Minds

The YA genre has been in need of a win for some time now, and The Darkest Minds is the latest film to try and take a crack at specialty box office glory. With the world suffering from a child-centric pandemic that wiped out 98% of all kids under 20, the remaining kids are rounded up in camps in order to suppress their super powered existence. But, of course, a rebellion is fighting to free them, and at the head of said rebellion is Ruby, played by Hunger Games alum Amandla Stenberg. If you're still searching for the next Young Adult franchise that could be a hit, you've got a treat headed your way.

Opens: August 3rd

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