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If Superbad is the movie that solidified Seth Rogen as more than just an actor, and as a legitimate comedic voice in Hollywood, then Pineapple Express is the movie that 100% affirmed it. The film is arguably one of the greatest stoner flicks of all time, and it's balance in comedy and action, not to mention its story structure, is honestly incredible. Because of its quality, it's the exact kind of feature that fans love to celebrate with highlighted anniversaries - and Rogen is very much helping out with that today on social media:

The Twitter post you see above is one of many that Seth Rogen has posted today, each containing a special bit of trivia from the making of Pineapple Express - a film that he both stars in and co-wrote with longtime writing partner Evan Goldberg. Some of the stuff is just silly - like the fact that M.I.A.'s "Paper Planes" is not featured in the actual movie despite being strongly associated with it because of the trailer - but others, like the one above, provide real and fantastic insight to the creative process that got the action-comedy made.

Seth Rogen's tweets make note of various bits of trivia from the entire timeline of Pineapple Express' creation, from development to release, but some of the best stuff involves the character Red, played by Danny McBride (their first of many collaborations together). For example, you may not remember who was featured as Red's wife in the movie, as she wasn't all that famous back in 2008, but she is now a much more significant public figure:

Keeping with the theme, there is also a great bit about the car that is used by Red to kill Matheson (Craig Robinson) in Pineapple Express' big third act action sequence. For whatever reason they initially wanted a specific model from Ford, but when they were shut down they opted for what they ultimate found to be a more comedic vehicle:

Seth Rogen also talks a bit about the weed culture that the film explores - including the fact that Pineapple Express didn't actually exist as a strain prior to the movie (though it does now). He also offered some funny background one on random line from James Franco's Saul, who at one point refers to a kind of pot called "Snicklefritz."

There is even an awesome tie-back to Superbad, which was released just one year before Pineapple Express. Remember the scene where Seth Rogen's Dale and Saul are in the woods on the run from the cops? Well, when they weren't getting the shots they needed for the movie, the crew was apparently also filming another very specific shot for the high school comedy:

There is a lot more featured on Seth Rogen's Twitter feed, and I would highly recommend checking it out. And if you haven't seen Pineapple Express in a while, or possibly never before, today feels like the perfect day to revisit or discover.

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