After careers as a diver and a model, Jason Statham first made his way into movies starring in crime films - but his career has evolved quite a lot since then. In the last 20 years, the gruff Englishman has successfully become one of the biggest action stars in the world - not only leading big blockbusters, but jumpstarting multiple franchises. More than that, however, he also has a particular brand within the genre - and a big part of it is embracing the ridiculous and going balls to the wall.

With Jason Statham's latest strange adventure, The Meg, hitting theaters this weekend, we thought that this would be a proper time to look back at some of the craziest moments in the man's long career. Limiting selections to one scene per title, we've put together this list of Statham's nine most ridiculous scenes - and we'll start with what is to-date his highest grossing feature:

Playing Chicken With Dom Torretto -- Furious 7

The game of Chicken has a long and wonderful cinematic history. After all, it is easily one of the most dramatic things you can do with two cars on screen: having them race towards each other at top speed with the loser being the one who swerves first. James Wan's Furious 7 features an all-timer version of the game, pitting Jason Statham and Vin Diesel against one another in a pair of muscle cars, and the reason it makes this list is because neither of them loses, and they wind up crashing directly into one another in a big crunch of metal and glass.

The sequence begins as Dom Toretto sees Deckard Shaw observing Han's funeral, and the two wind up getting in a chase/car battle. Eventually the two cars find each other opposite one another one the same stretch of road, and both kick it into high gear. What ultimately earns it the label "ridiculous" is that both drivers are basically unharmed by the whole encounter, needing only to crack a few joints to relieve pain - and that's even before Dom notes that Deckard drove into him with a reinforced chassis.

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