Crazy Rich Asians was published back in 2013, and it took five years to bring Kevin Kwan's book to life on the big screen. This week, fans will get their first taste of the lives led by those in Singapore's high society. Fans of the book will also get to meet the onscreen Rachel Chu, a Chinese American professor who doesn't know exactly what she's signed up for when she agrees to travel overseas with her boyfriend Nick Young.

Crazy Rich Asians the movie is an interesting case. In many instances the movie tries really hard to stick the landing and give us all of the big moments from the book. However, there are also plenty of changes that fans of Kevin Kwan's book will most certainly notice, as well. While some of the minor details that were exchanged aren't mentioned in this piece, I did strive to pull out the biggest, most interesting changes the movie ultimately decided to make from the source material. As always, if there's anything worth noting you feel I missed, please let us know in the comments, below.

Now, we're about to jump into Crazy Rich Asians spoiler territory. If you haven't seen the movie yet, please move on to one of our other wonderful articles!

Out of necessity, some details were changed. A scene taking place in 1986 in the book is set in 1995 at the beginning of the movie and other reminiscing, like Nick hanging out with Colin during their childhood, is cut for time. This is done to effectively streamline the plot and keep its focus in the present day, but it does mean we miss some of the wonderful looks at Singapore's past that are present in the book.

We get to see Rachel Chu teaching at university. Rachel is very open that she is an economics professor in the book, but in the movie her ideas about game theory are a focal point. In fact, the movie adds a telling scene between Rachel and Eleanor expanding her knowledge of game theory through a game of Mahjong later on.

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