Vivica A. Fox Has A Whole Pitch For Kill Bill Vol. 3

Vivica A Fox Kill Bill Vol. 1

Kill Bill Vol. 3 has been one of those fantasy projects that will likely never happen, but if it ever does. Vivica A. Fox has a hell of an idea for it. Recently, the actress who played Copperhead in the original film was asked about a comment Ronda Rousey had made about wanting to play the daughter of Uma Thurman's Bride in a theoretical third installment. Fox says that Rousey would be a great choice for the role, and she knows exactly who Rousey should fight. Fox directed her comments right at Rousey saying...

You come join the Kill Bill franchise 'cause we love kick butt chicks. And that's excellent casting for you to play Uma's daughter, and you can fight my daughter. And then Uma can be in the background talking about throwing blows on it.

It's certainly a solid pitch for a movie. Ronda Rousey has been making a name for herself in movies of late, she'll next be seen in the Mark Wahlberg-led Mile 22. Seeing her in an action-heavy Quentin Tarantino movie sounds like just the sort of thing that would look amazing. And since Vivica A. Fox's character in Kill Bill Vol. 1 had a daughter that we met, she would be the perfect foil.

Of course, the other reason that this idea could work so well is that many have already speculated that if there were going to be a third Kill Bill movie, it would look something like this. The idea that a third film could see the cycle of revenge continue, with Copperhead's daughter growing up to take revenge on the Bride for the death of her mother in the same way that the Bride killed Copperhead and the rest of Bill's killers for killing her own family.

This could even take the cycle one step further. Perhaps Copperhead's daughter succeeds in killing the Bride, maybe early in the film or off-screen between films, causing Rousey's character to come in and take vengeance another step further.

Quentin Tarantino has previously said that we probably wouldn't see Kill Bill Vol. 3, and with him currently working on Once Upon a Hollywood now, and potentially a Star Trek movie down the road, it certainly seems unlikely that he'll even consider something like this for a while. But who knows? Maybe knowing that Ronda Rousey would be interested will be the spark of inspiration required to make work on the idea start up once again. Vivica A. Fox for one tells TMZ it's time for Tarantino to re-enter this world.

It's been 15 years so Quentin, come on back, alright?

While Kill Bill Vol. 3 is unlikely to happen, it's clear that the movie had a profound impact considering all the people who want to be a sequel that we'll never see.

Dirk Libbey
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