Bad Times At The El Royale Trailer: Jeff Bridges Delivers One Of The Year's Best Lines

When the first trailer for Drew Goddard's Bad Times At The El Royale dropped earlier this year, it gave us a wild look at one of our most anticipated titles of the fall season - leading us to ponder a million questions about the film's mysterious characters and plot. Now the second preview for the movie has arrived, and while we're still not entirely clear on what's happening, what we do know is that Jeff Bridges gets to deliver what is unquestionably one of the best lines of the year. Give it a watch below!

It may be cynical as all hell, but "Shit happens, get the whiskey" is probably now on track to become a motto for many all across the internet. And, of course, it doesn't hurt that it's delivered by one of the greatest actors alive while dressed up as a priest sporting some clear fighting wounds. That bit of dialogue alone has us totally sold on Bad Times At The El Royale, but it's worth noting that the film looks all-around amazing beyond it as well.

The second film from writer/director Drew Goddard, the new film is set at titular El Royale hotel in Lake Tahoe - a facility that happens to be split right down the middle by the state line separating California and Nevada. On one fateful, rainy night, seven strangers find themselves seeking lodging at the establishment... but what keeps things opaque is that each of them is holding on to a secret that could wind up changing the lives of the others. Jeff Bridges, Chris Hemsworth, Jon Hamm, Dakota Johnson, Cynthia Erivo, Nick Offerman, Cailee Spaeny, and Lewis Pullman populate the brilliant ensemble cast, and we couldn't be more excited to see what each of them brings to the show.

The film is only the second directorial effort from Drew Goddard, who previously brought us The Cabin In The Woods all the way back in 2012. He's certainly kept busy since then - creating the hit Marvel Netflix series Daredevil, serving as a producer on the phenomenal NBC series The Good Place, and earning an Oscar nomination for writing Ridley Scott's The Martian - but we've been eagerly anticipating his return to the helm of a feature. Amazingly Bad Times At The El Royale only began production back in January - giving the project only about 10 months between the start of filming and its release - but it looks like the thing is coming together perfectly.

Thankfully, we won't have to wait too much longer to see the finished product, as 20th Century Fox will have Bad Times At The El Royale in theaters on October 5th. And if that wait is just too much for you, be sure to stay tuned here on CinemaBlend as we will soon have interviews for you with Drew Goddard and castmembers, including Jeff Bridges, Jon Hamm, and Dakota Johnson.

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