The Bond franchise needs some fresh talent. That goes without saying. We recently reported on the departure of Danny Boyle from Bond 25, leaving the series to now, once again, go on the hunt for a new director to take the reins on this shaken-but-not-stirred series.

I recently wrote about my own personal desire to see The Hurt Locker's Kathryn Bigelow take on the film, and that's still the best option. But if we're in the market for other realistic options, I have put together a list of potential directors who actually could handle Bond 25 and deliver it in time for the November 8, 2019 release date. On that note, let's dive in with an Oscar nominee whose name has been lumped in with the Bond franchise several times already.

David Mackenzie

David Mackenzie has quickly become a hot commodity in Hollywood, largely due to the success of 2016's Hell or High Water. The neo-western became a major Oscar contender after its initial debut, and Mackenzie has remained a consistent frontrunner on the Bond franchise shortlist ever since. The Scottish director doesn't have much on his plate aside from promoting November's Outlaw King (with Chris Pine) and prepping the upcoming TV series, Gemstone, so there's room for him to potentially move in and direct the next installment in the Bond franchise. Given his experience working with dark and dreary tones, intense, hyper-violent action, and beautiful camerawork in complex narratives, he seems like a very safe bet to capably step up to the plate of a blockbuster franchise and do something that the series has not seen before.

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