There's A Wonderful Easter Egg Hidden In Crazy Rich Asians

Gemma Chan Post-It Background

It's not uncommon for movies to throw in Easter eggs, either as nods to previous franchise films or as homages to the directors, actors and even other crew members' various other projects. Even a film like Crazy Rich Asians has nods for the superfans, only in the case of the rom-com, the Easter egg present in the movie is a nod to Kevin Kwan, the author of the best-selling book the movie is based on. In fact, the wonderful Easter egg brought a lot of "Joy" to the set. But don't take my word for it. Here's what Kevin Kwan has to say about the extra special additions the cast and crew made to the movie. He said:

Next time you watch it see if you can find the Post-It note that says "Joy" on it. Kevin Kwan said everyday he wrote the book he looked at a post it note he wrote to himself that said "joy" on it to remind him what this story was truly about. So we put it in the movie...

Speaking to a fan who had already caught the movie three times in theaters, director Jon M. Chu revealed on Twitter that the cast and crew took a note from book author Kevin Kwan and kept the word "Joy" on Post-Its around set to remind them what the tone of the movie was supposed to be. Chu also mentioned to Bustle that the cast and crew stuck the "Joy" Post-Its all over monitors on set, and some of them even made the final version of the movie, but you may need to be really paying attention to catch the Post-It love. It's a nice tie-in with the book, as well and it's an Easter egg that actually had a ton of meaning for the cast and crew.

If you've obsessively looked for these Post-It references, you may not have noticed any yet. However, there was one scene in which Oliver, Peik Lin and Rachel were obsessively trying on outfits for the wedding. An idea board is seen in a background shot and it is covered with Post-Its, although it's hard to tell from the shot whether or not these are the special Post-Its Jon M. Chu is talking about. Considering there are like six on the board and the movie doesn't have a ton of opportunities to shoehorn in Post-Its, I'd be a little surprised if at least one didn't say "Joy." You can take a look for yourself, below.

Joy Post-It In Crazy Rich Asians

We'll let you know if the secret Post-Its are ever officially revealed. In the meantime, Crazy Rich Asians is propelling toward a potential third weekend win at the box office, but already the movie is a success. The flick has made nearly $80 million domestically at the time of this writing and an additional $7 million worldwide. It has done especially well in places like the Philippines. If you'd like to try your hand at catching this particular Easter egg, Crazy Rich Asians is currently in theaters. Hopefully, this is the type of Easter egg that will pop up again when the sequel China Rich Girlfriend eventually goes into production, as well.

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