Jeffrey Dean Morgan Has A DC Character He'd Like To Play, And It's Not Batman

Lobo DC Comics Jeffery Dean Morgan

It seems that Jeffrey Dean Morgan still has the DC Comics fever. Despite playing the Comedian in Watchmen (which was published by an imprint of DC Comics), and Thomas Wayne in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Morgan is down to play one more superhero on the big screen. The actor has voiced a desire to play the Thomas Wayne version of Batman in the past, but Morgan also has his sights set on a different character: Lobo. Morgan wants to play the antihero Lobo one day in a movie as he recently told a crowd at a convention.

The only one I want to play is DC and Lobo. He's badass. Marvel, I don't know, everyone that's in it is pretty good. I feel like all the greatest characters, they're working.

For those who don't know, Lobo is a DC Comics antihero who was created in the 80s. He was revived in the 90s as a parody of grim, dark, gun-toting Marvel characters like Cable and Punisher, but gained a lot of popularity from fans of that trend. He's an intergalactic bounty hunter who is the last of his species...because he killed them all. He's super strong and invulnerable, able to even fight characters like Superman. He travels around the cosmos on a motorcycle, wears leather, smokes cigars, engages in heavy violence, and treats everybody like dirt. If you know anything about comic books in the 90s, you can probably see why he was so popular.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has held a number of roles in film and TV, but he might be known best for his current role as the villain Negan on The Walking Dead. While attending a panel at Walker Stalker Con (via ComicBook), Morgan was asked which superhero character he'd like to play. After noting that Marvel is in pretty good shape at the moment, he would rather continue his relationship with DC and play Lobo, calling him a "badass."

It wouldn't be the first time Morgan has played a violent, cigar smoking antihero. He played the Comedian in the Watchmen movie, and Morgan's performance is viewed as one of the film's highlights-- so it's not too hard to see him as Lobo either. Whether he'll have the opportunity to star as the character is another question. DC has been trying to get a Lobo movie off the ground for a while and it's been stuck in development hell. With the DC cinematic universe still growing, the character could always appear in someone else's movie.

Lobo will actually be making his first live-action appearance in the TV show Krypton during its second season. No actor has been cast yet, but maybe that's as good a place as any for Morgan to get his shot.

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