Wait, Is Michael Bay Actually Perfect For Lobo?

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The development of the silver screen DC world has been an incredibly exciting process for many fans, as a wide variety of filmmakers have stepped in to take on an assortment of projects. Now it looks like the DCEU may have potentially just picked up one of its most interesting filmmakers yet, as it has been revealed that action icon Michael Bay is in talks to direct a Lobo movie. The decision has been met with a broad range of reactions online, but it also raises one question: what if Michael Bay is perfect for the Lobo film?

To understand why this might be a far smarter decision than we initially realized, we have to look at Lobo himself. The white-skinned alien bounty hunter is a musclebound embodiment of machismo, chomping cigars and riding an interstellar motorcycle through the cosmos. He rose to prominence amongst comic book readers during the 1990s, as he primarily served to spoof many of Marvel's anti-hero characters like Wolverine and Cable. He has made numerous appearances in a wide variety of media over the years, and his most noteworthy stories have typically relied on a tongue-in-cheek sensibility not entirely dissimilar to Deadpool.

That's why someone like Michael Bay might be the best possible option to tackle this particular story. Unlike filmmakers such as The Dark Knight's Christopher Nolan or War for the Planet of the Apes' Matt Reeves (both of whom know how to turn outlandish premises into grounded stories), Michael Bay's filmography is largely defined by movies that embrace absurdity and absurd characters. Bay's best films -- like Bad Boys, Pain & Gain, and The Rock -- lean headfirst into the one-liners of their heroes, and the sweaty bravado of the characters who inhabit those worlds. In layperson's terms: few directors do irreverent and fun popcorn flicks quite like Michael Bay.

If any character from the DC lore embodies those ideas, it's Lobo. Michael Bay wouldn't have to worry about grounding his story in any sense of gritty realism or believability if he were to take on this project. All he would have to do in order to tell a proper Lobo story is give audiences a macho, self-aware anti-hero with an affinity for gratuitous violence and mayhem. Lobo's very nature will take care of the rest.

On that note, one other thing also worth noting about Michael Bay is his knack for spectacle. Even if a film like Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen debuted to storytelling critiques from audiences, few filmmakers in Hollywood have become more synonymous with large-scale action blockbusters than Bay. If he intends to step behind the camera to tell a story about one of DC Comics' most outlandish and downright weird characters, then we can at least rest assured knowing that the movie will look great and honor Lobo's iconic persona.

CinemaBlend will bring you more information related to the development of the Lobo movie as new details are made available to us. Until then, watch out for the latest DCEU movie when James Wan's Aquaman premieres in theaters later this year on December 21.

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