Deleted Solo: A Star Wars Story Scene Has Han And Qi’ra On The Run

We know that due to the behind-the-scenes issues with Solo: A Star Wars Story, there is likely a lot of extra footage of the movie. With the upcoming release of the Blu-ray, we're hoping to get a look at as much of it as possible. We've already been promised a lot of additional material for the upcoming release, but we now have an early look at one of the scenes that will be included, a sequence that extends the chase at the beginning of the film that sees Han and Qi'ra trying to escape from their pursuers. Check it out.

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In the final cut of the film, this chase doesn't go on quite as long. It starts on board a speeder but eventually, the path becomes to narrow for that and the pair escape on foot. From there the movie moves quickly to the port where Han ends up enlisting in order to get off the planet. However, this scene shows that the chase was originally going to be a longer sequence, with the pair jumping into a barrel of...something, in order to throw off the people chasing them. We get a good look at the Corellian hounds, as well as some sort of aquatic worm which ends up going to Han's pants.

The scene, provided by USA Today, combines some excitement with some fun in a way that certainly fits with the rest of Solo's tone. The scene was likely cut strictly for time reasons. The film came in at an unnecessary two hours and 15 minutes long. This scene simply wasn't vital, to the story, and so it was taken out.

This is one of a total of eight deleted or extended scenes that have been announced as part of the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story Blu-ray. Odds are we probably won't get a lot of deleted material that wasn't filmed by director Ron Howard, or if we do, it won't be presented as such. Solo was one of the more interesting movie stories of the last 12 months as the original directors left the project in the middle of production due to creative differences. While we know that some amount of the work they did was part of the final film, it's not clear exactly how much was. We know that in addition to finishing filming, Howard also reshot some portion of the work that had been done. The added expense made a Solo a more expensive film than it was supposed to be, which added to the production's difficulties in being financially successful at the box office.

Solo: A Star Wars Story gets its Digital release next week, September 14, followed by the physical Blu-ray release September 25.

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