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Person wearing a baby mask in Happy Death Day

Blumhouse's Happy Death Day was something of a surprise horror hit, and so, like all successful horror movies, it's getting a sequel. More importantly, this one has the perfect title. While a follow-up seemed likely after the initial film's success and that sequel was confirmed several months ago, it is the recent revelation of the title which puts the icing on the birthday cake, as it's clear that the sequel will be just as offbeat as the original. The new movie will be called Happy Death Day 2U.

While I'm not sure how I feel about the use of 'U' rather than "You" in the title, beyond that, it's really the only right move the sequel could have made. I saw more than one person make the joke on social media following the first Happy Death Day that the sequel needed to be called some variation on this, and then it happened, because you just can't ignore something as obvious as this when the first movie's title was already a play on the Happy Birthday phrase.

The original film starred Jessica Rothe as college student Tree, who lives through her birthday, only to end up murdered by the end of it. However, instead of dying, Tree then proceeds to relive her birthday/death day over and over again, leading her to attempt to solve the mystery of her killer and potentially save her own life. It's basically the slasher movie version of Groundhog Day. According to Variety, Rothe will return to lead the sequel as well, so the movie will be a direct sequel, rather than being a brand new story that simply follows the premise laid out in the first film. Christopher London who wrote and directed the first movie will also be back in both roles for the sequel.

The original Happy Death Day grossed $122 million around the world and while that would be a somewhat disappointing number for your average studio tentpole, for the modest Blumhouse horror movie, with a budget in the neighborhood of $5 million, it was a massive hit. While the sequel will likely get a slight bump in the budget, expect the sequel to not stray too far away from what made the original film work, and since the original film didn't need $100 million to work, that won't happen.

The exact plot of Happy Death Day 2U hasn't been revealed but indications have been that the sequel will pick up where the first movie left off, with little or no time having passed since the point where the original film ended. Beyond that, comparisons have been made to the Back to the Future movies, so who knows what that means. It will be interesting to see what new twists can be put on the concept to make the sequel as original as the first film was.