Margot Robbie Still Looks Totally Unrecognizable In Final Mary Queen Of Scots Poster

Margot Robbie has had an eclectic resume over the past several years, playing characters as varied as Harley Quinn, Tonya Harding, Tarzan's Jane, a rabbit named Flopsy and, in an upcoming project, Queen Elizabeth I. Each of these movies has given Margot Robbie a different look, but it is in Mary Queen of Scots that Robbie dives deep and is the most unrecognizable. Don't take my word for it. Take a look at the final poster for the movie below.

The Final Mary Queen Of Scots Trailer

Margot Robbie and Saoirse Ronan star in the new film, which will follow the life of Mary Stuart and her relationship with her Elizabeth I. Both are women in a male-dominated world of politics. However, Mary Stuart grew up in France and was briefly married to the Dauphin of France while Elizabeth I grew up in England and succeeded the throne after Mary Tudor's death. The relationship between Elizabeth 1 and Mary Stuart was tumultuous, as the latter attempted to take over the formers throne at one point, leading to distrust and Mary Stuart's eventual beheading years later.

Saoirse Ronan is on board to play Mary Stuart, who will be attempting to take on the English and claim the throne there. Margot Robbie is playing Elizabeth I. It's a little unfair that all of the attention has been on Robbie when Ronan is the movie's namesake, but just look at Robbie! Her stern face and that hair and makeup are totally different than what we've seen from the actress. Ronan's hair is obviously different too, but her period look is far more understated.

We've already seen a trailer for the new movie that highlights the regal way the two actresses carry themselves. Period dramas are generally always at least somewhat in vogue and we expect this one to get quite a bit of attention in the coming months. If you haven't seen the full trailer, you can take a look.

We're starting to get into the portion of the year when movies with awards potential are being released in full force. Flicks like A Star is Born and First Man are already out and a slew of other hopefuls will be released in the coming months. Mary Queen of Scots will be officially hitting theaters on December 7 around the other holiday releases. To take a look at what else is coming out before the end of the year, keep an eye on the full schedule.

As for the Oscars, the ceremony has already decided to drop its idea for a popular movies category, and we'll have to wait and see what critical winners eventually emerge from the pack. The Oscars will be announced on February 24, 2019.

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