Rachel Weisz Wants To Stop Talking About Working With Other Actresses

the weisz in the favourite

Rachel Weisz has long been a fixture in Hollywood and throughout her career has taken both leading and supporting roles. While speaking as a recipient of a Gotham Award for her work in The Favourite, the actress revealed there's one thing she is pretty tired of getting asked about related to all the types of roles she's taken in her career: other women. She said:

I hope that one day soon in the not-so-distant future we don't get asked what it was like to share the screen with other women. Because I don't think you ever ask men that. But I could be wrong.

Lest you think she's not supportive of other ladies on set, her comments simply seem to be about the standard questions she sees men get asked versus women in Hollywood. After winning the Jury Prize at the Gotham Awards, Rachel Weisz mostly had an amusing speech. She even brought up small masks featuring the faces of her co-stars from The Favourite, Emma Stone and Olivia Colman as a humorous nod to the fact they weren't able to attend the awards that night.

She also joked about how she was the only one who bothered to show up before mentioning that everyone was really "the favorite." Most of the speech was cheekier than it was political, but since The Favourite stars three leading ladies, all notable actresses, it wouldn't be a huge shock if the three of them have been getting those sorts of questions over and over again. Three ladies starring in a movie is still something to write home about.

You can take a look at Rachel Weisz's full speech, below. Her comment didn't have any vitriol behind it, but it is notable, nonetheless.

Also speaking as the 2018 tribute recipient at the Gotham Awards, Rachel Weisz also had a lot of praise for independent films and how difficult they often are to get made, but that they are important in that they "construct narrative[s] that continue to enrich our own lives."

The Favourite stars Rachel Weisz, Emma Stone and Olivia Colman in a story about Queen Anne and two rival consorting for the Queen's favor. Perhaps it is inherently the whole rivalry premise that has sparked these sorts of questions, or perhaps it's the fact that while there are movies like the 2018 Ghostbusters out there, its still a bit of an anomaly to see a slew of women starring in a movie together, particulary if the movie doesn't have a romantic bent of some sort.

The Favourite may be about women trying to one-up one another to gain favor, but so far the flick hasn't had to really stretch its legs to outperform. When the movie opened at the specialty box office, it had the highest grossing opening release of 2018 per screen. It's widest release so far has been four theaters, but here's hoping it continues to perform as it makes its way in front of more theatergoers. To see what else is heading to theaters, take a look at our full schedule.

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