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Thanks to social media and FilmStruck being shut down and Florida always doing Florida things, life in 2018 can be really rough. I'd complain but it sounds kinda stupid considering people a few hundred years ago were living without the internet, cars and frozen yogurt mix-ins and living with polluted water and corsets. How much that last one sucks has been on actress Emma Stone's mind a lot lately. The Academy Award winner recently filmed, The Favourite, a period drama about Queen Anne that required her to wear a corset, and spoiler alert, it was not only uncomfortable, it was gross.

"For the first month, I couldn't breathe... After about a month, my organs shifted because they have to. It was only temporary. It was gross... They've gone back... The bottom half of my stomach, I'm not a doctor, whatever is in there, went down that way, and I guess just my ribs stayed up."

The admission came on The Graham Norton Show during a larger roundtable discussion with Eddie Redmayne, Jude Law and Melissa McCarthy. Redmayne himself has played several parts that required him to wear a corset, and not surprisingly, he had some of his own troubles, as well. In short, it's apparently a time-consuming and uncomfortable experience. So, shout-out to all the people back in the day who went about their lives doing it every day.

The Favourite follows Queen Anne and Sarah Churchill. The two had an extremely close relationship during the Queen's reign in the early 1700s, but after Churchill's cousin Abigail showed up, an intense rivalry developed between the family members, with both women wanting to be the Queen's favourite. Emma Stone is playing the cousin, and it also stars Olivia Colman, Rachel Weisz and Nicholas Hoult.

It's not really a surprise, by the way, that this conversation happened on The Graham Norton Show. The longtime TV presenter creates a fun, casual environment for his guests, which often leads to people having really honest conversations like this. It's a little less forced than your typical late night show and has a bit more of a Howard Stern vibe to it. In fact, that's where Chris Pine admitted he's been reading your penis-related tweets.

You can check out the corset portion of the Graham Norton interview in question below...

You can check out The Favourite when it hits theaters in the United States on November 23rd or in various other countries when it's released near the end of 2018 or the beginning of 2019.

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