John C. Reilly And Jack McBrayer Totally Lost It Over The Ebay Scene In Ralph Breaks The Internet

Ralph Breaks The Internet Ralph and Felix

Sometimes it's tough being super funny. Comedians are too busy cracking each other up to get actual work done. Such was the case in the recording booth for Ralph Breaks the Internet, as actor Jack McBrayer recently revealed that he and John C. Reilly had a lot of fun cracking each other up over mispronunciations of "eBay," or as he put it:

I had a session with John C Reilly and we had to do, we had to mispronounce eBay like 20 different times. And so, 'You-bay,' to the point where you're not even saying words anymore. And you just get the giggles because you realize how ridiculous the English language is.

During the making of Ralph Breaks The Internet, Jack McBrayer revealed that often he was doing voice work in a booth by himself. A lot of times when you see footage from animated movies, you see people filming their lines all by their lonesome.

However, that's not always how things work and McBrayer also revealed to that he was able to record both with his costar John C. Reilly and Jane Lynch on occasion, leading to moments of pure ridiculousness such as the Ebay story. Not all of these ended up in the flick, but it still sounds like the actor had a good time recording.

In fact, Ebay actually plays a rather huge role in Ralph Breaks the Internet. We're about to get into more specific spoilers, so if you haven't caught the fun animated flick yet, now's the time to jump out of this article.

After Ralph and Vanellope venture out of the arcade system and onto the Internet, they are looking for the steering wheel that will fix Vanellope's game. They find an option on eBay and venture to the eBay section of the Internet to purchase it. At one point, apparently Ralph and Fix-It Felix had some fun eBay conversations while recording, although Fix-It Felix's plot in the movie is mostly about how he and his wife adopt all of the other Sugar Rush kids outside of Vanellope.

Although John C. Reilly and Jack McBrayer were cracking each other up, the latter actor still says doing it together is the best way to record an animated movie like Ralph Breaks the Internet.

We did. In fact, a couple times. A lot of it you are solo. You'll have your directors there feeding the other lines. But I was able to go in twice with Jane, which is super fun, and I was able to go in once with John, John [C. Reilly]. And if I'm being honest, that's my favorite way to do it because it feels organic. It feels collaborative, you know, you're bouncing off each other more.

If you'd like to catch Jack McBrayer and John C. Reilly's vocal work in action, you can catch Ralph Breaks The Internet in theaters now.

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