Oprah Just Put Her Public Stamp Of Support On Black Panther For Oscar Season

Oprah and Chadwick Boseman

Marvel's Black Panther has been one of the main topics of entertainment discussion this year. And a sizable amount of digital attention dedicated to the question of whether or not this monumental film will be acknowledged with nominations come Oscar time. As we race ever closer to awards season, that talk will only grow louder. Adding her voice to the conversation is Oprah Winfrey, who just put her public stamp of support on Black Panther for Oscar season, saying:

I just wanted to say that when I first saw Black Panther, I sent an email to my friend Bobby and said, 'Hi Bobby! Just saw it. It's worth everything I've heard and more. A phenomenon in every way, on every level. Makes me tear up to think that little black children will grow up with 'Wakanda forever.' It's game-changing, it's pride-making, it's dazzling, it's phenomenal.' That was my personal review.

Speaking to a group of over 100 Academy members at the London West Hollywood hotel, as reported by THR, Oprah Winfrey threw her full support behind Black Panther's Oscar campaign. She speaks to the incredible impact the film has had; beyond just being a good movie, it was a phenomenon that had a real effect on the culture and the industry.

The "Bobby" she mentions contacting here after seeing the film is none other than the head of Disney, Bob Iger, with whom she has been friends for many years. As she told him via email, Black Panther exceeded the lofty expectations that had been built up around it for her, and Oprah is moved by what the film will mean to black children who now have a superhero in a blockbuster film that looks like them.

Oprah went on to elaborate about how Black Panther was a cultural moment, where people took their families and went back to see it multiple times. This fact can be seen the omnipresence of the film and its incredible box office.

Oprah Winfrey's review is positively gushing, and as evidenced by the sales of her book club recommendations, the media mogul's stamp of approval matters. Oprah is an Academy member and here she lets her fellow Academy members know where her vote is going. Oprah is very influential and having her endorse the film, alongside a group that included Ryan Coogler, Bob Iger, Chadwick Boseman and Michael B. Jordan, can only benefit Black Panther's Oscar prospects.

It's clear that Disney is pushing Black Panther for Best Picture, as well as multiple other awards, and getting Oprah's support just shows that the Mouse is bringing out the big guns in its quest for the statue. As the season begins to ramp up, there are some positive signs for Black Panther getting a Best Picture nomination too.

Ryan Coogler's film received a Golden Globe nomination for Best Motion Picture - Drama and received 12 nominations from the Critic's Choice Awards, including Best Picture. Those are by no means a guarantee, but a nice little boost to Black Panther's Oscar hopes.

We'll see how far Black Panther can go when the 91st Academy Awards airs on February 24, 2019. For all of the biggest movies hitting theaters next year, check out our 2019 Release Schedule.

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