The Bumblebee Scene Hailee Steinfeld Was Most Nervous To Shoot

Hailee Steinfeld as Charlie in Bumblebee

Hailee Steinfeld is an Oscar nominee for True Grit, and she has plenty of grit herself. But she confessed to feeling some pressure before filming a major scene of her new film Bumblebee. Here's what she told CinemaBlend's own Dirk Libbey when asked about the scene she was most nervous to shoot.

The very first scene Charlie meets Bumblebee. In the garage when she brings home this car that she feels is her new way out or a new way to freedom and obviously makes this incredible discovery, that whole, the whole scene, the whole exchange between the two of them when they meet for the first time. I remember reading, thinking, you know, it's so beautifully written. It seems great and I'm into it, I'm ready. But then I got there and I kind of was like, I realized that if, if this, if this thing doesn't work, we don't have a movie, and so that, that I think is probably the scene I was most afraid of most nervous for. But now looking back, I'm the most proud of.

Good for her. Hailee Steinfeld should be proud, especially if she was most concerned with pulling off that scene. There's no question she stuck the landing, so to speak. Her Charlie is the main human character of the film. It can't be easy building a heartfelt relationship with an Autobot as your co-lead, but she made it look effortless -- and both critics and audiences seem to agree. The film has a 93 percent fresh rating from Rotten Tomatoes critics, and an A- CinemaScore. It has been called, by many, the best Transformers film of the franchise.

In Bumblebee, Hailee Steinfeld plays Charlie, who is on the edge of 18 when she revives the broken, battle-scarred yellow VW bug we all know and love as Bumblebee. In real life, Steinfeld is 22, and already a pro in the industry -- from The Edge of Seventeen to the Pitch Perfect films, her Gwen Stacy voice role in Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, and her own singing career.

Busy as she is, Hailee Steinfeld also told CinemaBlend why she'd love her Charlie to return for a Bumblebee sequel. Plus, since this film is set in the 1980s, there's a lot of time to explore between Bumblebee and the other Transformers films. What has Charlie been doing? The actress is curious to know as well.

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Hailee Steinfeld's human Bumblebee co-star John Cena also said he'd love to make a sequel, since there's more story to tell with his Agent Burns as well. He also told CinemaBlend about his ... colorful way of getting into character on set. Still hoping we get to see all of that behind-the-scenes footage when Bumblebee is eventually released on Blu-ray/DVD/Digital.

For now, Bumblebee is playing in theaters, as one of the many films kicking off what truly sounds like one of the best years at the movies.

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