Hailee Steinfeld Wants To Know Where Her Character Goes Between Bumblebee And Transformers

The latest Transformer-oriented story Bumblebee stars Hailee Steinfeld and is a departure from the typical Transformers franchise movie. It's set in the eighties, for one, and when CinemaBlend spoke with Steinfeld about the big time gap, we asked her if she's curious about what her character Charlie has been up to for the past 30 or so years. Check out her answer below.

When CinemaBlend's Jeff McCobb asked Hailee Steinfeld about what Charlie has been up to, it's clear it's not something that's has come up for her a lot in the process of making the movie. However, she did reveal that learning what Charlie is up to after the events in Bumblebee is something she would be interested in seeing at some point.

No, not much actually but that's an interesting thought. I guess, you know, she really is one person at the beginning of this film and another at the end. It's just funny because I didn't necessarily realize when I started making this film but this character transforms just as much as this robot does I think, in more ways than one, and it would be interesting to see.

If you haven't seen Bumblebee yet, this quote clearly spoils the fact that Charlie doesn't die during the course of the movie. Really, though, what did you expect from a young lead in a Transformers flick? We'll get into some minor spoilers now, though. So, if you'd like the movie to be a surprise, stop reading now!

At the end of Bumblebee, Jack Burns has a change of heart and allows Charlie and Bumblebee the time to escape before the army comes to clean up the Decepticon mess. Bumblebee ceases to be a cute VW bug around this time and Charlie and Bumblebee part.

It's a pretty specific closing and there's no reason to think Charlie spent time with more Transformers down the line, but it would be interesting to learn what the adult Charlie thought about the events in Transformers or Revenge of the Fallen and its subsequent sequels. Also, what happens to a person like Charlie who has a life-altering experience like meeting Bumblebee? These is the oddball stuff I stay up nights thinking about.

There are a lot of movies fighting for prominence at the box office this season. There's Bumblebee, there's Aquaman and there's Mary Poppins Returns. There's still stuff rolling like The Grinch, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-verse. There are awards contenders like The Mule and The Favourite.

There's such a plethora of stuff to look forward to, it's good that Bumblebee has been well-liked and is running at 94% on Rotten Tomatoes. See it in theaters starting today and take a look at what else is coming out with our full movie premiere schedule.

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