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Alita: Battle Angel

Early screenings tend to be a vote of confidence. Warner Bros., for example, knew they had a hit with The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part, so they brought it to theaters for fans screenings last week, way ahead of general release. Alita: Battle Angel is taking that process one step forward. Producer James Cameron announced that early fan screenings of the upcoming movie will be held in select 3D and IMAX 3D theaters on Thursday, January 31, in hopes of getting audiences excited for what’s to come. Says Cameron:

People may have heard of Alita, but don’t know who she is. Why is she called the Battle Angel? What is her world like? Well, I think you’ve simply got to see it to believe it. And the best way to see it is in a cinema, and in gorgeous 3D, the way Robert Rodriguez shot it. So we’ve decided to do some special free screenings, for fans around the country, to introduce our Alita to the world. When you see how big a heart she has, and what she stands for, and how she kicks major butt -- you’re going to fall in love with her, the way I did.

Now you want to go, don’t you? Can’t blame you. Those sentiments have us pretty jacked up to see Alita: Battle Angel. And we were fired up to begin with.

Here’s what you need to know. Twentieth Century Fox will host these Alita: Battle Angel screenings on Thursday, January 31 at 7 pm. The screenings will take place in Dolby Cinema in 3D at AMC, IMAX 3D and other select 3D premium large format theaters.

In addition to the film, fans at selected theaters will get to see a conversation with the filmmakers and cast including Cameron, Jon Landau, Rodriguez and cast members Rosa Salazar, Christoph Waltz, Jennifer Connelly, and Keean Johnson and a special inside look at the making of the film. It’s going to be one huge Alita evening, and I don’t think you will want to miss it.

Fans can RSVP to the free screenings via ExperienceAlita.com. Also, fans can submit questions for the filmmakers and cast on James Cameron’s newly launched official Instagram @JamesCameronOfficial and Facebook @OfficialJamesCameron pages in the comments section using the hashtag #ExperienceAlita.

Cameron’s on social media. Skynet is sure to follow.

Alita: Battle Angel opens nationwide on February 14. But thanks to James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez’s belief in their finished product, they want you to come see it way in advance. Are you going to go?