Why Aquaman’s DVD Won’t Have A Commentary Track, According To James Wan

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The Aquaman Blu-ray, DVD and Digital release is on the way this March. We’ve already learned the release will feature a Shazam! sneak peek and other special features, but if you were hoping for a commentary track from James Wan you may not be happy about the set. That’s because James Wan revealed he hasn’t done a commentary track since his Saw days. Here’s what the director had to say about commentary in relation to his new superhero release:

I don’t do commentary track[s]. Haven’t done one since my Saw days. I believe in retaining a little bit of filmmaking mystery still. (Already plenty of ‘behind-the-scenes/making ofs.’)

Per what James Wan had to say on Twitter, the director is thoroughly uninterested in sitting in a room for the duration of a 2+ hour movie and revealing a slew of “making of” secrets and stories about that movie. He likes the “mystery” of movie magic and wants to keep his work close to the vest.

Commentary tracks are generally for the die hard fans anyway, the ones who want to immerse themselves in and engage with a slew of facts related to how a movie got made. These movie buffs will likely have other forums for gleaning facts related to the movie.

And anyway, the whole purpose of owning a copy of a movie is to revisit the actual movie whenever you want. The Digital release for Aquaman will be coming in just a few short weeks on March 5. A 4K, Blu-ray and DVD release will happen a little later, starting on March 26.

A previously rumored look at Shazam! has also been confirmed by Warner Bros. James Wan also gets his own featurette on the Blu-ray and DVD called “James Wan: World Builder.” Other extras include “Scene Study Breakdowns” (which sound like they could be short mini-versions of commentary), Atlantis-oriented content and more. You can take a look below.

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There's usually a three-month window between the start of a theatrical release and a movie's home entertainment release. For a movie like Aquaman this is less of a big deal. You can still catch the DC and Warner Bros. flick in movie theaters right now; therefore the transition into watching the movie at home should be pretty seamless. If you'd like to go ahead and order your own copy of the flick, we have you covered. In addition, you can look into Shazam! and the other upcoming DC releases with our full guide.

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