Watch Will Smith 'Vandalize' Library DVDs On The Bad Boys 3 Set

After years of development hell and false starts, Will Smith is finally filming Bad Boys 3. The action movie is currently filming and Smith found an interesting way to keep himself occupied between takes. While filming in a public library, Smith began to autograph DVDs of his old movies, which he admitted was probably vandalism and he shouldn't have done it. Well, the consequences must not have been that bad because he posted a funny video of it online. Check it out.

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Will Smith has had a lot of hit movies over the years, with some of his most popular being Independence Day, Men in Black, and Bad Boys. Why, I bet if you walked into your local library and browsed the DVD collection, you would find plenty of Will Smith movies to rent at your leisure. That was the case at the library Smith found himself filming in for Bad Boys 3.

At least one scene in Bad Boys 3 appears to take place at a library, which is about as hardcore of a location you can get for an action movie because learning is badass, kids. Will Smith found a pretty humorous way to keep himself occupied during downtime by autographing Will Smith movies from the DVD section. This even included films he was barely involved in, like the Karate Kid reboot that starred his son, Jaden Smith.

Now, as anybody who has had a library card in their life likely knows, doing something like this is a big no-no. The library isn't too big a fan of people vandalizing their material, which is what Will Smith admits he is doing a few times in the above Facebook video. So, you can imagine why the film's location scout has to hop on the phone to figure out what the ramifications of this are going to be.

One could imagine that some library fines might be coming Will Smith's way, which would be ironic considering the value of those DVDs has likely shot up now that they have the actor's official signature. Well, whatever the fine may be, I'm sure that one of the most successful movie stars on the planet can afford it.

As for Bad Boys 3, the long-awaited action film finds Will Smith and Martin Lawrence reprising their roles as two Miami narcotics detectives with a penchant for getting into big explosive trouble. The film is directed by Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah with the latest version of the screenplay written by Chris Bremner.

Bad Boys 3 is currently slated to release in theaters on January 17, 2020. That's still a while away, so be sure to keep yourself occupied with all the movies coming out this year. You can learn about them all in out 2019 movie release guide.

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