Joe Russo's Daughter Has A 'Secret Role' In Avengers: Endgame

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Joe Russo has been known to give himself a little cameo in the various Marvel movies that he and his brother Anthony have directed. Now, it looks like the family business is expanding, as the director has now revealed that his daughter Ava has a cameo of her own somewhere in Avengers: Endgame, though he's not revealing anything else about the role.

While the main cameo that fans are waiting for in Avengers: Endgame is that of Stan Lee, it's not surprising that others will be getting in on the action of this film that is bringing a major chapter of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to a close.

Joe Russo revealed the cameo while on the red carpet of Captain Marvel (via His daughter walked the red carpet with him and Russo confirmed that the cameo was happening, though he he's making it sound like the role itself is some sort of spoiler by making it clear no details about the role are going to be revealed, at least not yet.

This is my daughter Ava, who's actually playing a secret role in Avengers: Endgame. We're not talking about what it is yet. That's it and that's all you're going to know.

It's certainly a little interesting that Joe Russo would announce his daughter's cameo at all, something he certainly didn't have to do, and then refer to it as a "secret role." Russo certainly wants fans to get curious about it, which makes one wonder why.

Of course, as expected, fans have begun to speculate about what the cameo might be. Many have suggested that we may have already seen the cameo, as the newest Avengers: Endgame trailer includes a shot of Hawkeye teaching archery to one of his daughters, and it's been suggested this is Ava Russo.

Hawkeye and Daughter from Avengers: Endgame trailer

The brief image is far from clear, we only ever get the character in profile, comparing the character to pictures of Ava Russo, this certainly could be her, but it's not definitive one way or the other.

The intentional secrecy with which Russo announces the cameo certainly makes it sound like this might be more than a simple cameo, but that's just speculation. Joe Russo included himself in a cameo role in Avengers: Infinity War as a paparazzi photographer trying to get shots of Tony Stark in a scene that was ultimately cut from the film, so it's not like Russo's own cameos are that important. He could have just as easily given his daughter a similarly minor part. It's not like the Russo brothers don't enjoy messing with the fans.

We'll have to keep our eyes out when Avengers: Endgame hits theaters next month. In addition to Ava Russo's cameo, there's a decent chance her dad will show up in the movie as well, they might even be in the same scene.

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