Shazam Was Made Into A Life-Sized Phone Charger, And There's Video

In the very first trailer for DC’s Shazam! we see Zachary Levi’s Billy Batson using his newfound superpowers to correct one of the first-world’s most troubling ills, inferior battery technology. The hero uses the lightning power of Zeus to do people a solid, topping off their phone batteries. It’s a super cool way to charge your phone, so cool in fact that Shazam was made into a life-sized phone charger, check it out:

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I only have one question: how much? In his Instagram post, Shazam! director David F. Sandberg wonders whether it is the world’s most expensive phone charger so I’m guessing the answer is ‘a lot’, although maybe less than Shazam’s seven-figure suit. Whatever it is, it might be worth it though. Imagine having friends over and they ask if they can charge their phones, only for you to point them to the Shazam statue taking up half your living room.

This Shazam phone charger looks heavy and highly detailed too; you can even see the texture on his suit and the boots. Sadly, this live-sized Shazam doesn’t appear as though it actually shoots lightning out of its fingertips like the scene in the trailer. That’s probably for the best though because even the fanciest modern phones don’t support that format.

Therefore you have to plug in your phone via USB on the base of the charger, like you would with any $10 charger. Maybe those ports charge ultra fast. Even if they don’t, Shazam’s finger lights up, as does the lightning bolt symbol on his chest, and he even has a voice function like a giant action figure, saying “Your phone’s charged.” So even if it's basically charging your phone as normal, you'll feel way better about it.

The charger's effects mirror the delightful scene from the film where the young superhero does what any kid with powers would do, show them off and use them in silly ways to improve everyday life. This phone charger is one very cool bit of functional marketing or, if it winds up being for sale, memorabilia that deep-pocketed DC fans can lust after.

Shazam! is looking to begin paying off that expensive phone charger when it opens in theaters in April. The film is tracking to enjoy a $40 million to $45 million opening weekend. Word of mouth should be good too. Although the full reviews haven’t dropped yet, the early reactions are incredibly positive indicating that DC is really on a roll.

Shazam! bolts into theaters on April 5th, make sure you charge your phone before you see it and then turn it off in the theater. Should this Shazam phone charger go on sale, we’ll keep you updated. In the meantime check out our 2019 Release Schedule to keep track of all the biggest movies headed to theaters this year.

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