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Shazam!’s Official Rotten Tomatoes Score Revealed

April is going to be a bigger month than usual when it comes to movies based on comic book heroes. While we, of course, have the massive Avengers: Endgame closing out the month, we also have Hellboy before that. However, the first superhero movie out of the gate next month will be DC's Shazam! and if the film's reviews are any indication for what is to come, April will be a very good month. The film has already been certified fresh by Rotten Tomatoes  with a RT score of 93%.

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Of the 81 reviews that have been submitted to the aggregation site, so far 75 of them are considered positive, giving Shazam! a lot of positive buzz going into next week's big opening. It's a pretty impressive result considering the movie is still a week away. There will certainly be many more reviews to come between now and next Friday, Shazam! only has a fraction of the total number of reviews that your average wide release film receives, but if the ratio holds up, it will remain looking strong.

While Shazam! may not have quite as many reviews as some of the other recent box office movies, as a percentage, it's one of the best reviewed films in recent weeks. The 93% score puts Shazam! ahead of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World, The LEGO Movie 2: The Second Part, and Captain Marvel. It's only one point behind Jordan Peele's Us.

CinemaBlend's own review of Shazam! is one of those being counted in the plus column. Our review, and many others, praised Shazam! for the way it was able to be both a light-hearted and fun story while still being the rousing superhero adventure that audiences are seemingly always in the mood for.

The power that the Tomatometer has over the audience is difficult to actually gauge, but there are certainly those that believe it has a huge sway over the moviegoing public. Many in Hollywood have taken aim at the site in recent years, believing that it has the power to cause audiences to dismiss movies out of hand if the majority of reviews are bad, rather than give them a chance.

While critical reviews and box office numbers might frequently be in agreement, it's certainly true that they can quite frequently conflict as well. Many movies that critics love fail to capture a massive audience. Just as many movies that critics pan become box office juggernauts. While Rotten Tomatoes may have some of the power that critics claim, it's certainly not absolute.

Does the Rotten Tomatoes score really matter to you? Let us know in the poll below if Shazam! current score is influencingyour decision to see the movie.

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