New Detective Pikachu Video Is A Great Primer If You Don't Know Anything About Pokemon

Picture the following scenario: a popular franchise is about to hit theaters with a brand new installment that promises to spark a new cinematic universe. While you’re interested in catching this film in theaters, you’re not sure if you’ll be able to as there’s a bit of a knowledge gap that stands in your way. That’s the time that a nice, easy video like the one Ryan Reynolds just shared for Pokemon: Detective Pikachu would be handy. If you’re not particularly familiar with the world of Pokemon, take a deep breath and watch the video below:

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As you’ve now seen, the world of Pokemon is a pretty diverse ecosystem of creatures, each with their own classifications and abilities. So if you’ve been watching the trailers for Pokemon: Detective Pikachu and have marveled at the live-action debut of not only Pikachu, but also tons more Pokemon that will reach the eyes and hearts of audiences in May, you’re not alone in being interested to know more about their names and skill sets.

Of course, you don’t need to know anything about Pokemon to want to see Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, as anyone who enjoys a good crime caper and/or Ryan Reynolds’ comedy stylings might happen to be up your alley anyway. The trailers have certainly done a good job setting up the world of the famous pocket monster video games for the common moviegoer, and now with this extra bit of background, audiences should be ready for the adventure that Pokemon: Detective Pikachu is ready to dish out.

But if you really want to take in the world of Rime City, and the other locales that Pokemon: Detective Pikachu will travel to, it helps to know if that little pink creature in the coffee shop will write on your face, should you be lulled to sleep. Pop quiz, hot shot: that creature is a Jigglypuff, and it will draw on your face if you fall asleep to its song. If you knew that, you’re pretty well off, but if you didn’t, you might want to hit the books a couple more times before setting off.

Still, if you’re interested in the deeper world of Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, you have this video Ryan Reynolds posted to his Twitter account to start you off. After which, you’ll probably want to check out the film’s various trailers again, as you’ll basically have the visual equivalent of flash cards to help guide you. However, if you’re really industrious and ready to test yourself in the world of Pokemon, you should try getting into the official augmented reality game Pokemon Go.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu begins its quest to be the very best on May 10. Though if Pokemon isn’t your thing and you’ve somehow found yourself tricked into reading this entire article, the 2019 release schedule is going to be your new best friend. And we promise, there’s nary a Jigglypuff to lure you to sleep.

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