Shazam's DVD Release Should Have A Ton Of Extra Footage That Was Cut From The Movie

Freddy Freeman and Shazam

Warning: Shazam! SPOILERS are ahead!

Not everything shot for a movie is going to make it into the final cut, but thanks to DVDs, Blu-rays and digital purchases, people can oftentimes watch some, if not most of a production’s deleted scenes. Shazam! will be no exception, because according to Michel Aller, the editor of the sixth DC Extended Universe movie, the home release of Billy Batson’s origin story will be packed with a lot of deleted scenes, including potentially one involving Asher Angel’s Billy and Grace Fulton’s Mary Bromfield. Aller explained:

We had a lot of material. When you buy the DVD, you’ll be able to see, I think we have 20-24 minutes of deleted scenes. And one of the scenes that regretfully we had to pull out was a scene between young Billy and Mary, when he’s about to sneak out. It’s just a really touching scene, but it came so early in the movie, and we were trying to get to get to the Shazam character, that we couldn’t put everything that we liked at the front of the movie. So that was one scene that we pulled out. I’m glad there are DVDs out there so we can show these great scenes.

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Michel Aller about Shazam!, and among the topics we discussed was just how much material was cut out of the finished movie. Sure enough, like many other superhero movies before it, Shazam! will have a solid amount of deleted scenes as part of its special feature offerings, and it appear that like there’s a good chance this scene between Billy and Mary will be among them.

Billy Batson and Mary Bromfield have always been siblings in the comics, but as opposed to going the biological route as was the case for decades, the Shazam! movie pulled from Shazam’s New 52 origin story and had her, Freddy Freeman, Eugene Choi, Darla Dudley and Pedro Pena be Billy’s adoptive siblings at the Vasquez household. While Shazam! spent a decent amount of time introducing these new people in Billy’s life, it also had to move relatively quickly to actually bring in Billy’s Shazam persona, and whatever moment Billy and Mary had before the former began his superhero journey ended up on the cutting room floor.

While we didn’t get to see Mary confront Billy as he snuck out during his first night with his new family, Shazam! did still give us a touching moment between the two, albeit with Zachary Levi playing Billy instead, when Shazam saved her from being hit by a truck and tried to console her because she was upset about potentially having to leave her family behind to attend college. And, of course, in the climactic battle, Mary and the other kids were able to also become adult superheroes when Billy shared his power with them.

We’ll have to wait to learn if the Billy/Mary scene will indeed be included on the Shazam! home media release, but another deleted scene Michel Aller expects to be shown is how Sivana originally unleashed the power of the Seven Deadly Sins. Originally he went on his murder spree at a Christmas party being held at his mansion, but during the Shazam! reshoots, the location was changed to a boardroom at Sivana industries. Stay tuned to CinemaBlend for more information on Shazam! deleted scenes.

Shazam! is still playing in theaters, and if you haven’t already, be sure to read CinemaBlend’s review of the movie. You can also plan your moviegoing visits later this year accordingly by checking out our 2019 release schedule.

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