New Men In Black International Trailer Reveals Tessa Thompson's Origin Story

The Men in Black franchise is coming back, but with a very different look. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are taking over the leads as the organization tasked with managing aliens on earth, and the new trailer for the film finally gives us a bit more backstory on Tessa Thompson's rookie Agent M. Check out the new trailer below.

We've seen in previous trailers that Tessa Thompson's character gets her job with the Men in Black after successfully tracking them down herself, but it turns out the reason she knows about them at all is because she had a minor run in with them years before. It seems her parents had their memories wiped by the MiB, but they didn't know the young girl was watching. She's now spent her life trying to find the group, and finally has.

Apparently the Men in Black agree that discovering them is an acceptable method of job application and she gets the job. As we've seen, she gets paired with Chris Hemsworth's Agent H, a guy who is about from Tommy Lee Jones' mentor character from the original set of films as it is possible to get.

We also get new plot details in the form of the film's villain, called The Hive, which appears to be a group of aliens that are capable of making themselves look like anything. At one point we see our heroes going up against what looks like a bunch of fellow MiB agents, but are apparently aliens.

Of course, what's most memorable about the Men in Black films is really the creative alien designs, and also the gadgets and guns, and the new trailer for Men in Black International has plenty of all of that. We see lots of interesting looking aliens, even if we only see them briefly, wandering around the Men in Black home base. Several more humorous creatures are wandering around the world outside.

The most interesting alien, who appears to be a significant character in the film, is a little green man voiced by Kumail Nanjiani. He pledges his eternal devotion to Agent M, which apparently means he doesn't leave her side, as we see him standing on her shoulder later in the trailer.

Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are a glorious pair and they proved that they have great chemistry in Thor: Ragnarok. What's unclear from these trailers is if Men in Black International is going to have anything other than the chemistry of its two leads going on. There's just not a lot else to judge here. There's some funny bits. I particularly like the part where Tessa Thompson wants to drive the car but gets in on the wrong side.

However, a few good jokes won't be enough to save the movie if that's literally all there is. We'll get to see for ourselves when Men in Black International arrives in theaters June 14.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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