New Child’s Play Video Shows Off Chucky’s Animatronics

Child's Play Chucky looks mad at the camera

It’s easy to remake a film like Child’s Play in the modern age, especially when the decision is made to use big ticket CGI over the old fashioned method of animatronic acting. But when a movie such as that very same remake decides to use the more practical method, in the name of more tangible realism, it’s something special. So feel free to pop a bottle of mini bottle of champagne, and take a look at this video showcasing the new Chucky’s impressive animatronic body:

Now that’s not to say that CGI won’t have its place in this new Child’s Play remake, as even those involved in the making of the animatronic component have mentioned that CG will be used to replace the eyes in the actual doll. Not to mention, there will probably be various touchups and scenes that can’t be done with the animatronic stand in that will be seen throughout the course of the film.

But from the sound of this video, the majority of the Chucky action will be courtesy of some sophisticated animatronic work, and equally specialized puppeteering that helped bring Child’s Play’s big bad to life. With three to four puppeteers on the “Robo Chucky” rig, and a total of six animatronic dolls on the roster, it looks like this new take on the killer doll mythos is taking the right steps to making a believable horror film.

Of course, this is on top of the fact that Mark Hamill has been cast as the new voice of Chucky, which means that with a voice at threatening as the look of the dolls on Child’s Play’s set just seals the horror deal. It may not totally win over those fans that are still in favor of the original franchise being the one true chronicle of Chucky’s killing spree, but decisions like these do sometimes make things easier when it comes to selling the film.

Every little bit will help when trying to get the public to see Child’s Play on the same weekend that Disney/Pixar will be opening a very sincere look at toys in their launch of Toy Story 4. But it’s not like there’s a spirit of malicious competition between the two films. No, not at all, not when Chucky’s the Buddi in play.

The Child’s Play reboot has up until now played it coy with the marketing of Chucky’s murderous abilities in this new film. And almost as if they’d heard an outcry for more material featuring the doll himself, we’ve now got our best look at him yet. The result of which has us even more intrigued to see just what new tricks this old doll has to play on anyone who gets in his way.

Child’s Play brings Chucky to a new level of terror on June 21st. If horror isn’t your thing though, you can always take a look at the 2019 release schedule to find something a little more friendly.

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