New Child's Play Poster Throws Savage Shade At Toy Story 4

This summer, two opposing movies centering on toys will hit theaters on the exact same day: Child’s Play and Toy Story 4. Though each of them may be offering some movie nostalgia to their respective fans when they go toe-to-toe at the box office, they are certainly catering to different audiences. Either way, Chucky isn’t taking any chances at being overshadowed for his upcoming return to the big screen. Just take a look at this:

Child's Play poster

Uhh… guys… it looks like Chucky murdered Woody. Maybe the Pixar franchise should have finished at Toy Story 3 in 2010 with its endearing ending, because this is not how we wanted to see the beloved Tom Hanks character's days end. The new Child’s Play poster via the film’s Twitter is reminiscent of one of Toy Story 4’s that had Woody tipping his cowboy hat to the same muted tones and font to accompany it. Take a look below for comparison:

Toy Story 4 poster Woody

The clever piece of marketing takes full advantage of the side-by-side billing the two movies are set to share in June. Do you think the studio nabbed the same spot as Toy Story 4 for this reason? It doesn’t seem likely since the animated sequel is one of the most highly-anticipated sequels of the year.

Early tracking has Toy Story 4 at making $130 million in its first weekend, likely topping numbers during its debut, while Child’s Play is looking at numbers closer to the $12-$22 million range. So while the poster may signify Toy Story 4 receiving the beating this summer, it will more realistically be the other way around.

Child’s Play will be the eighth Chucky film (five of which have had a theatrical release), in a franchise that has collectively made $176 million worldwide unadjusted. The upcoming version will be a reimagining of the horror tale. Instead of Chucky encompassing the soul of a killer, the evil doll will be an A.I. model gone wrong. The plastic knife-wielding villain will be voiced by Star Wars’ Mark Hamill.

Widespread audiences are much more keen on the friendly toys, as the Pixar trilogy has made close to $2 billion worldwide unadjusted since the franchise kickstarted the animated studio’s success in 1995. The fourth film will be exploring the “creepy doll,” as one of their new characters will be a ‘60s pull-string doll named Gabby Gabby (voiced by Christina Hendricks). The movie’s potential villain has a small army of ventriloquist dummy henchmen to do her bidding.

While Toy Story 4 will likely defeat Chucky in box office numbers, the Pixar film has nothing on Child’s Play out-of-box social media tactics. The upcoming R-rated film even celebrated 420 with an odd weed-themed poster.

Which movie will you be seeing on June 21? Child’s Play or Toy Story 4? Let us know in the comments below!

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