Mark Hamill’s Chucky Laugh For Child’s Play Might Give You Joker Vibes

Child's Play Poster Chucky standing with a knife in the dark

Some people just have those laughs so distinct that you could point them out even in a crowded room. Mark Hamill is one such person, particularly after decades of portraying various versions of the classic Batman villain, The Joker. With a new icon waiting to be reborn in his image, Hamill’s recent announcement as the voice of Chucky in the Child’s Play reboot is about to get his iconic vocal stamp imprinted on it as well, and judging by the result below, it sounds like the joke is on us yet again:

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If you’re getting a serious feeling that The Joker has somehow found himself in a brand new smart device, you’re not the only one. Listening to that small clip of Child’s Play’s new Chucky laughing maniacally as he wishes Andy a pleasant good night has triggered some serious flashbacks to many a night in the Gotham City of Batman: The Animated Series.

Of course, it isn’t all greasepaint and squirting flowers here, as the new trailers for Child’s Play have shown a reinvention of the original killer doll; one that sees Chucky going digital and having the ability to hack into various devices linked to a Wi-Fi connection. So just when you thought it was safe to link your thermostat, or even your workbench, to some sort of smart apparatus, you might want to think twice once this special doll enters the equation.

There are definitely some challenges facing the new Child’s Play film, especially with its place as a reboot not sanctioned by the series’ creator, Don Mancini. As this is a project that competes with his TV series continuation of the original continuity, there’s been a bit of friction between those on that side of the fence and this new MGM/Orion reboot.

But one factor that seems to drive home the fact that, at the very least, this new Child’s Play redo will be its own thing is the hiring of Mark Hamill to do the voice of Chucky. Having a talent as singular as Hamill on board differentiates the approach between the old and the new.

So rather than just try to find a Brad Dourif soundalike, this new production went and found itself an equally formidable talent that will give a new generation nightmares. And that’s something we should all be grateful for.

Before we leave the matter, we’d like to present a clip reel of Mr. Hamill’s best moments involving that classic Joker laugh. Not only does it make for a great comparison with the recent efforts shared on the film’s Twitter, it’s also a fantastic reminder of the gleeful panic we’ll be in store for with the new Child’s Play.

Child’s Play cuts into the box office competition on June 21. But if you’re looking to get spooked out a little sooner, head over to our 2019 release schedule and see what sort of adventures you can scare up.

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