First Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer: Sarah Connor Is Back With A Vengeance

Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor

The sci-fi genre has been rather popular since it's inception, but there are a few titles that stand out among the rest. Chief among those properties is James Cameron's Terminator, which has never really been far from theaters. The fan favorite installment of that franchise is Terminator 2, and the upcoming sequel Terminator: Dark Fate is a direct sequel to that movie.

Moviegoers have been seriously excited about Terminator: Dark Fate, particularly because it marks the return of actress Linda Hamilton as Sarah Connor. Luckily for us, the first trailer for Dark Fate has just been released, and it didn't disappoint. Check it out below.

Does anyone else have chills? The Terminator and Sarah Connor are both back, and the duo has quite the fight ahead of them.

The first Terminator: Dark Fate trailer opens with the trio of new characters. Mackenzie Davis' newcomer Grace is shown trying to keep Dani (Natalia Reyes) and her brother Miguel (Diego Boneta) away from danger. Specifically, the newest Terminator model, which is able to split itself into two separate entities. Played by Gabriel Luna, Dark Fate's big villain had a ton of screen time, and may be the most deadly version of the Terminator that we've seen in the franchise's long tenure.

Just when all seems lost, the trio of newcomers are saved. Not by Arnold Schwarzenegger's T-800, but Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor. The decades since we saw her in Terminator 2 have hardened the iconic heroine even further, and she quickly disposes of the new villain through some heavy artillery. Namely, by shooting him with a massive gun, and then setting the bad guy aflame with another weapon.

While Sarah Connor may have saved Grace and Dani, smart money says taking down the new Terminator won't be quite that easy. Gabriel Luna's character has a ton of screen time in the first trailer, and may be even more deadly than Robert Patrick's T-1000 from T2. But Grace is also a new type of Terminator, one that identifies as a human. So clearly the Terminator canon is going to be going through some exciting changes.

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Terminator fans may be hyped to see Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger back on screen together, but the most exciting scene from the first Dark Fate trailer comes in the final moments-- in an epic plane chase sequence. In what will no doubt be a thrilling experience in theaters, we see the Gabriel Luna's character crash into another plane, in an attempt to procure and/or murder Dani. We also see Grace dangling in the air, hanging onto debris that is slowly parachuting toward the ground.

Overall, the first Terminator: Dark Fate trailer was purposefully vague regarding its plot, as the film won't arrive until the fall. So we should expect more trailers to arrive in the coming months, revealing more about what to expect from the highly anticipated sequel.

Terminator: Dark Fate is set to arrive in theaters on November 1, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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