The Insane Number Of Costume Changes Taron Egerton Has In Rocketman

Taron Egerton as Elton John

Elton John changes costumes more than most people change their bed sheets. The charismatic, stage-dominating pianist has established himself as a fashion role model over the course of his hall-of-fame career, entertaining audiences with his visual presentation as much as he did with his musical prowess.

For that reason, it goes without saying that Rocketman costume designer Julian Day (Rush, Bohemian Rhapsody) had his work cut out for himself when trying to dress Taron Egerton as Elton John. Needless to say, Day didn’t disappoint. While I’d need a second viewing to confirm, I was fairly confident that Sir Elton never wore the same outfit more than once in the movie, and had a different costume in every major scene.

At the Rocketman junket in London, we asked Egerton how many costume changes he thinks he has in the film, and he guessed:

It’s north of 50, I think. Yeah, it’s a lot. … There’s little things that might crop up repeatedly, but not a great deal. I think I retained my Troubadour boots for the scene afterwards at Mama Cass’s [house]. I think I just -- Julian and I figured, they’re fabulous boots!

They’re so fabulous, he even uses them to PLAY the piano when entertaining audiences at the famed Troubadour club in Los Angeles:

Elton John at the Troubadour

So, Taron Egerton guessed “north of 50,” and you’d assume he would know, seeing as how he had to wear all of those outfits to play Sir Elton John in this fantasy musical biopic. The movie begins with John heading to rehab, wearing the bold orange jumpsuit and devil horns. Where do you go from there?

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But we also put the question to Rocketman director Dexter Fletcher, who also estimated:

I don’t know the answer to that. I reckon it’s got to be upwards of 40. I would imagine. I wonder. I’ll have to ask Julian. Julian Day, the costume designer, will absolutely know that number. … [Taron] came in every day and he had to wear something different. Look, he was in 60 days, minimum. So I would say 50 was probably a good guess.

You know what matters? That there are five slots in the Costume Design category at the Academy Awards, and one of them better go to Julian Day. Here’s Taron Egerton and Dexter Fletcher waxing poetic on the beautiful costumes in their new movie:

Rocketman is in theaters as we speak.

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