Captain Marvel’s Helmet Could Have Looked Very Different

Captain Marvel mohawk helmet costume
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In the past few months we’ve known Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel alone, the high-flying superhero has already seen plenty of different looks: between switching up her Kree colors to her classic ones in over $1 billion blockbuster and then again in Avengers: Endgame. When Carol Danvers adaptation to screen was still only a concept put to paper, her costume went through quite a bit of changes.

Marvel Studios’ director of visual development, Andy Park revealed one early design of Captain Marvel’s suit on Instagram, including a much different look for her helmet. Take a look:

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Whoa! This concept designer really couldn’t go wrong here, Carol Danvers is still glowing. However, the early look for the hero doesn’t include her iconic mohawk helmet that Larson rocked in the March release. The helmet design that played with only framing her face to protecting around her eyes and nose allows her blonde locks to flow over her head, instead of confining it to a badass spike.

If we’re talking function, having your hair completely up and out of your face is much more practical, especially when you’re in space fighting off aliens. So the final look Captain Marvel ended up having was for the better. This concept art is a nice design though! It also features much more red on her costume and her signature sash that didn’t make the cut either.

Since the character has been alive and well in the comics for over 50 years, the folks at Marvel Studios had a lot of costume inspiration to draw from. One version of Carol even dons a bathing suit looking suit, but Kevin Feige didn’t envision this for the character and Larson was thankful for this decision.

Among other early concepts for Captain Marvel was some creatively different designs for her Kree look, such as this one also designed by Andy Park:

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This is completely unrecognizable from Carol’s “Vers” costume. It certainly would have brought about a different aesthetic for the rest of the team she has over on Hala and have her turning even more heads when she lands onto a Blockbuster in ‘90s Los Angeles.

These movies go through a ton of creative brainstorming and shifting throughout the stages of development because the look of the hero means a lot to fans and having a badass action figure (which has additional heads in Carol Danvers’ case) always helps.

The decision to have Captain Marvel rock the mohawk helmet was a great choice and really showed off her punk flair, along with her Nine Inch Nails T-shirt and No Doubt’s “Just A Girl” playing in the background of her big fight scene.

What do you think of this early design for Captain Marvel? Let us know in the comments below!

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