Netflix's Murder Mystery Star Adam Sandler Reveals The Co-Star He'd Pin A Murder On

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler in Murder Mystery

In Netflix’s new original film Murder Mystery, Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston play a married couple on a European vacation that wind up getting framed for the murder of an elderly billionaire. It’s not a fun situation to be in, and everyone knows it’s much better to be the framer than the framee. So if the roles were reversed and Adam Sandler could pin a murder on anyone he’s ever worked with, who would it be? His answer may not surprise you.

Adam Sandler: Just to get them in deep trouble. Who would you like to destroy – I like this. His name is Rob Schneider.Jennifer Aniston: Oh yeah, you’d have to have some fun with Rob.Sandler: It would be fun to hurt him. It would be fun to see him behind bars. And I would visit him every 10-15 years and say, 'I'm sorry I did this to you.'

While Jennifer Aniston played it coy, not giving a definitive answer to Fox News’ question, Adam Sandler had no problems coming up with a co-star to pin a murder on. The person he would get the most pleasure out of destroying and ruining their lives by framing them for a murder is none other than his frequent co-star Rob Schneider.

Jennifer Aniston’s response is great here, as if Rob Schneider was the obvious answer that she should have seen coming from her Murder Mystery co-star. Not only would Adam Sandler frame Rob Schneider for murder, he’d visit him in prison to rub his face in it with a hollow apology.

Adam Sandler’s reasoning here about wanting to hurt Rob Schneider and see him behind bars is truly hilarious, and if it wasn’t coming from such a jokey individual it might actually seem twisted and sadistic. So why after so many years of friendship and movies together like 50 First Dates, Grown Ups, Eight Crazy Nights and Big Daddy would Adam Sandler pin a murder on Rob Schneider, what did he do to cross him?

Nothing it turns out. As Adam Sandler said, “That’s the beauty of this joke.” Adam Sandler is just singling out and ribbing Rob Schneider, like his character did in Big Daddy, because it’s funny to mess with your friends. For Schneider though, Adam Sandler has good reason to try and get him locked up. The actor and comedian responded to Adam Sandler’s nefarious plans in a statement to Fox News, where he said:

I know all of Adam’s secrets for 30 years and that’s why he’d like nothing more than [to] lock me away for a crime he’d like to commit: taking away Kevin James’ Happy Meal!

Rob Schneider simply knows too much and that’s why Adam Sandler needs him to be silenced and locked up with the key thrown away. I’m not sure that stealing Kevin James’ Happy Meal will accomplish this, but I guess the implication is that if that Happy Meal gets taken away, someone’s getting murdered and the blame has to go somewhere.

No word on how Kevin James feels being roped into this faux feud and hypothetical murder plot, but it sounds like it has the makings of a hilarious new murder mystery. These co-stars are clearly taking the old ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’ adage to heart.

You can catch Adam Sandler on the receiving end of a murder framing in Murder Mystery, now streaming on Netflix. Check out our 2019 Release Schedule to see everything coming to the big screen the rest of this year.

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