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Turns Out It's Not Safe To Play With A Spork As Disney Recalls Toy Story 4 Forky Dolls

Bonnie looking at her newly-created Toy Forky

Sporks are not toys and therefore not meant to be played with-- they’re trash. Or at least that’s the worldview espoused by Forky, Bonnie’s arts-and-crafts creation voiced by Tony Hale in Toy Story 4. It just so happens that Forky might be right too. That’s because in an ironic twist, Disney has recalled Forky toys because it turns out they’re not safe to play with.

Disney and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have recalled an official Forky toy due to safety concerns according to Entertainment Weekly. Unlike the Forky in the film, this toy is not an actual spork, but a plush doll. While that would ostensibly make it safer than a real plastic eating utensil, the official Forky plush is being recalled due to concerns that its plastic googly eyes could detach and pose a choking hazard for small children.

Sporks: Not safe to play with, even in fluffy form.

Fortunately, no injuries have been reported due to the googly eyes on the Forky plush toys, so this is merely a precautionary measure. Approximately 80,650 of the dolls of the popular and hilarious character have been sold in the U.S. and Canada, and those who have purchased them can return them to any Disney Store retail location or the stores at the Walt Disney World or Disneyland theme parks for a full refund.

Interestingly, Forky was a character that kids could make at home using a spork, glue, pipe cleaners, putty and googly eyes, just as Bonnie did in Toy Story 4, seemingly denying Disney those sweet, sweet merchandising dollars. That would have been a more authentic representation of the character but Disney was still selling and making money off Forky dolls prior to this recall.

I imagine Disney may release a different Forky doll with eyes that can’t detach, so kids will be able to have a Forky of their own without making one or having to worry about safety. Of course, the googly eyes are a big part of Forky’s awkward charm, so making a Forky doll without them may lose some of that. Kids should really just buy a Duke Caboom toy instead.

The potential danger of playing with a plush Forky actually raises an interesting question about Toy Story 4. Just what in the heck were Bonnie’s parents doing letting her sleep with a spork with googly eyes next to her face? I mean sure, Forky should be fine to play with while she’s awake, but having that pointy spork with googly eyes next to her mouth while she’s sleeping seems like a not great idea.

That said, Bonnie’s parents, while loving, were an absolutely frazzled mess in the film and Bonnie’s attachment to Forky was a lot to handle.

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