Does Jesse Eisenberg Still Think Justice League 2 Is Happening?

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor in Justice league

DC has numerous film projects in various stages of development. The comic book film franchise isn't going anywhere. Having said that, there's still a lot of confusion regarding exactly what the future is for the thing that came to be known as the DC Extended Universe.

Originally, the understanding was the plan for Justice League was to be two movies, and while we eventually got a single film, IMDB still lists Justice League Part Two as a forthcoming project. It seems that even Jesse Eisenberg was under the impression that movie was happening, until MTV's Josh Horowitz broke the news to him that such a movie doesn't seem likely.

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It sounds like this will be part of an upcoming podcast, but this makes it sound like Jesse Eisenberg was expecting to be making a second Justice League movie down the road until he was told that likely wouldn't happen. This seeming would confirm that there are no actual plans to make such a movie that Eisenberg is attached to, otherwise it would be the actor informing his interviewer of the real situation.

Of course, to some degree there is more than one sequel to Justice League being discussed here. Justice League Part Two, as we understood it several years ago, was going to continue the story of Justice League, because that story originally was not going to end in a definitive way as it eventually did. When the decision to make Justice League a single film happened, Part Two went away.

Instead we got a post credits scene at the end of Justice League that teased the creation of the Legion of Doom and seemingly setup a place for the DCEU to go for an eventual Justice League sequel that told its own standalone story. Jesse Eisenberg was clearly going to have a major role in this film, as he was one of the players in that post-credits scene.

Of course, as of now, the future of the Justice League is completely in limbo. Henry Cavill's future as Superman is muddy at best. Batman has been recast with a younger actor. Wonder Woman and Aquaman are set for sequels to the previously successful solo films. A Flash solo movie has had repeated trouble getting out of the blocks and a reported Cyborg movie is even more in doubt. Everything seems focused on solo features right now.

With so much about these characters in question, setting up storylines for each of them that will come together in a future Justice League movie seems impossible. While DC has announced several different film projects that are in development, a future Justice League film is not one of them.

It's clear that Warner Bros. and DC have made a concerted effort to move away from the continuity driven connected universe idea and focus on individual stories. Movies like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Shazam! have technically taken place within the same universe, but none of the films need to be in the same universe, they would have been the same movies even if they'd been entirely disconnected.

At the same time, it's always possible that the stars could align and we might get another Justice League down the road, of course, if we do it might end up looking a lot different than the first one by the time we get there.

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