Some Of The Best 2019 Comic-Con Cosplay Pictures So Far

When most people talk about Comic-Con, they talk about the panels, specifically the panels featuring celebrity talent and often the first appearance of footage from upcoming movies and television shows. That makes sense. Those are the moments that can generate the most excitement for those not in attendance, but for those on the ground, there's nothing quite like walking the convention floor. There's so much excitement, so much positivity and so many things to look at... starting with the costumes.

I write about movies and television for a living and have for over a decade, and I still come across dozens of costumes every single year that I can't place. Sometimes it's because a particularly creative soul has mashed two different characters together to form some kind of hybrid and sometimes it's because the costume is from an obscure tv show or movie I've never even heard of. It's like everyone is at Comic-Con to celebrate the things they like, and if those things happen to overlap with other people who are at the same convention, all the better. That being said, there are plenty even the most casual of fans would immediately recognize.

To check out the costumes we saw during our first full day at 2019 Comic-Con, you can scroll through the image gallery below...