Deadpool Writer Has Dwayne Johnson Interested In Playing X-Force's Garrison Kane

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Warning: spoilers for Hobbs & Shaw are going to come into play with this article. So if you haven’t seen the film yet, turn around and come back once you’re current.

After Hobbs & Shaw landed a handful of surprise cameos, a new team of super spies waiting in the wings ever since those reveals were made to the world. That’s not all that the surprise appearance of Ryan Reynolds in the world of Hobbs & Shaw has done though, as now Deadpool comic writer Rob Liefeld is interested in putting Dwayne Johnson in the role of X-Force member Garrison Kane.

Take a look at Liefeld’s bold proclamation to make this happen, below:

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A cyborg member of the X-Force, code named “Weapon X”, Garrison Kane was supposed to be in the very first Deadpool movie. Unfortunately, as the property still wasn’t a tested box office brand, and the budget was tight enough for the R-rated comedy romp as it was, Kane was cut so the film didn’t have to spend the extra money to give him robotic arms that could change shape.

That’s not so much a problem in the current era of the character, as both Deadpool films have brought in a collective $1.5 billion worldwide, R-rating intact. There’s still no definitive word on whether or not the Fox/Disney merger will yield a new Deadpool film in the near future, or even if the plans to bring the X-Force to theaters is still in the cards.

It is theorized/joked that Phase 5 might see Deadpool’s cinematic return, which could be yet another case of Ryan Reynolds trying to manifest his franchise into reality through his own sarcastic version of The Secret. Should that idea need some further weight to push it into the win column, casting Dwayne Johnson as Garrison Kane would be one hell of a coup that could make three straight hits in the world of X-Men adjacent mutants.

Uncertainty aside, there’s another important party that seems anxious to bring Garrison Kane to the Deadpool/X-Force cinematic universe. And sure enough, it’s Johnson himself, as he responded to Rob Liefeld’s hypothetical casting wishes with a Tweet that seems to tip towards the affirmative:

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It’s absolutely true that Ryan Reynolds and Dwayne Johnson have pretty damned good chemistry, especially considering his Hobbs & Shaw cameo is featured in only a handful of moments in the film’s action plot. That friendship only has room to grow, considering the post-credits scenes to the film have Reynolds’ Agent Locke still in action, and setting up the presence of a new virus that will be chased around all over the world.

Should this X-Force casting find its way into reality, that almost seems like it’d make the two actors best on-screen buddies, as they’d be potentially kicking ass yet again. Only this time, there’d be a lot more CGI, and definitely more swearing, than their previous meet-up.

For now though, this is just a couple of friends, trying to set up a playdate that could become a multi-million dollar success. Worlds are turned on such thoughts, and all we have to do is wait for that light on the horizon before we can get truly excited.

Hobbs & Shaw is currently in theaters, with no immediate plans for a Deadpool sequel, or an X-Force movie for that matter, being known to the public at large.

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