How The Hobbs And Shaw Post-Credits Scenes Set Up A New Team

Hobbs & Shaw aiming their guns at a door, bathed in red light

Warning: If you still haven’t seen Hobbs & Shaw**, we’ll be discussing the post-credits scenes in detail. So, if you don't love spoilers, you'll probably want to head out until you've seen the film for yourself.**

A lot of new and exciting threads and threats were sewn into the fabric of Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw’s thematic throughline. Perhaps the most exciting stuff, besides the explosive action shown during various points of the film, came in the post-credits scenes, which pointed to some very specific directions for the future of this burgeoning spinoff franchise. Yes, I said franchise.

If you’re interested in the full picture of the film’s ending, then head over to our explanation of the last acts of Hobbs & Shaw. But if you’re ready to go beyond that point, then let’s take a quick look at what happened in those scenes, and what they say!

Deadpool Ryan Reynolds wearing sunglasses at night, pointing casually towards the camera

Agent Locke Is Seen In Action In The Post-Credits

Introduced as “the exposition guy” earlier in the film, Ryan Reynolds’ Agent Locke is seen after dispatching of a whole room’s worth of bad guys. Now that alone has us wanting to see what Locke looks like in action, especially because he proved something he theorized earlier in the film was absolutely doable.

As it turns out, you can stab someone with a brick, and we see the guy that Locke took out in such a fashion lying on the floor. Someone who can handle themselves like that is definitely on the future Hobbs & Shaw team, should one start to materialize. Which is good, because the mission they’re going to embark on is going to be a tough one.

Hobbs & Shaw Brixton stands with his jumper cable, ready to torture the boys

A New Virus Is In Play For Future Sequels

The fact that there’s another mission involving a killer virus is pretty much indicative that the Hobbs & Shaw universe is going to need a brand new team to squash this new threat that’s come up. As aptly described by Agent Locke in his panicked post-credits phone call, this unnamed virus is similar to the Snowflake virus from this film, except it melts your skin off of your bones.

It’s a chilling reminder that the ruthless organization/corporation Eteon is still in business, waiting to unleash a new threat on to the world in order to push their brand of human evolution. Though it might be a little harder this time out, because if Idris Elba’s Brixton were to come back from his supposed death, he may have turned a corner on this little experiment they’re trying to concoct.

Hobbs & Shaw standing with pipes, as guns are drawn on them in the secret base

Hobbs & Shaw Are Still Antagonistic Friends

If you thought that Hobbs & Shaw wasn’t going to end with Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham being best buddies, you’re dead wrong. In between post-credits sequences with Agent Locke bugging Luke Hobbs about the fate of the world on his cell phone, there’s one moment that sees Deckard Shaw ready to relax with a pint. And then he gets a phone call from Luke Hobbs that spoils his day.

The two banter, and eventually it’s revealed that Shaw is about to be brought into the custody of London’s police force. Just as Deckard Shaw had done to Luke Hobbs during their incognito trip to the airport, it comes with an embarrassing pseudonym that you really don’t want to hear out loud. Shaw promises to get out of his predicament, although we don't see the aftermath.

While they aren’t the most dramatic, or the most revealing, the seeds for Hobbs & Shaw’s potential sequel are now in the soil, collecting all the canned whup-ass needed to water them into a full grown entity. Though there are apparently some developments from the film proper that will also be followed up, as the film does contain a couple more top secret cameos that haven’t been widely discussed, and are not featured in the post credits scenes.

While you won’t hear a peep out of me just yet regarding those cameos, you can see Dwayne Johnson seemingly confirming two of the three surprise guests that made it into the film during a recent visit to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. All of these individuals could seemingly lead to a more major team-up film should Hobbs & Shaw do well in theaters, leading to Hobbs & Shaw 2 getting greenlighted. This is made much clearer in the post-credits scenes, but the threads of a larger potential team are sprinkled through the film as well.

In fact, there’s one cameo that you more than likely missed while watching Hobbs & Shaw, as one of those potential team members looked a little different than when you last saw them. So you may want to go back to theaters and see it again. You know, just to be sure. It couldn’t hurt, could it?

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