Suicide Squad Director Reveals Test Shots Of Joker And Harley

Jared Leto as The Joker In Suicide Squad

While Suicide Squad was a movie largely dismissed by critics, it made giant piles of money at the box office. While the forthcoming sequel is largely under new management, David Ayer, who wrote and directed the existing box office hit, apparently still thinks about his movie from time to time, as he recently dropped a few images from the movie's pre-production, including images related to Joker, Harley Quinn, and Deadshot.

Jared Leto was one of the more controversial casting choices when it came to Suicide Squad and, love him or hate him, it has to be said that Leto certainly brought his own style to the role. We see the briefest hint of what would be coming in this image David Ayer shared with Twitter which shows an early version of what would become one of the more memorable images of this Joker.

One character that even critics couldn't say many bad things about after Suicide Squad came out was Harley Quinn. While the movie is supposed to be a team up, it's largely Margot Robbie's film, and she steals the show as Quinn. Of course, you wouldn't necessarily know that if you saw this early makeup test image.

While the image isn't that great quality wise, we can clearly see Harley Quinn here. The look is perfect, but the look is only part of what makes Harley tick. Margot Robbie's performance is what makes the character work and since this is simply a makeup test there's no hint of the attitude that Robbie would bring to the character.

Finally, David Ayer dropped an image of the first Deadshot mask that was created for Will Smith's character. He doesn't wear it much in the film, if for no other reason than, if you're paying Will Smith lots of money to be in your movie, you generally want the audience to be able to see his face, but it's still cool to see the iconic mask that comic book fans know and love.

This look into the past of Suicide Squad only makes us wonder that much more about the franchise's future. A sequel to the fist film was a virtual guarantee following the box office success, but the movie seemed to sit in limbo without much actually happening with it.

Now, James Gunn is handling the new movie, though most of the characters from the first movie apparently won't be back, and it's not even entirely clear if the new movie is even a sequel to the previous one, or some sort of end-run reboot of the brand.

We're also getting a Joker movie, but one that apparently isn't tied to any existing continuity and stars an entirely new actor in the role.

Comic book movies are weird, man.

Dirk Libbey
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