Apparently One Good Boys Deleted Scene Made Jacob Tremblay Nearly Throw Up

Good Boys

The new comedy Good Boys promises to be every bit the mature, vulgar, bawdy comedy that you would expect from a producer like Seth Rogen. Everybody going to see the film this weekend is likely expecting a decent share of gross out comedy, but as it turns out, making the movie was actually so gross that one scene nearly made Jacob Tremblay vomit.

You won't see the scene in question in Good Boys, as it was cut from the film, but there was nearly a musical sequence in the movie. It took place in a mall, and apparently involved the kids squirting condiments into the air. As Jacob Tremblay explained to our own Eric Eisenberg, one should not try and eat anything that's not designed to be eaten on a movie set. Check out the clip below.

It's not clear what possessed Jacob Tremblay to taste the mayonnaise that was being used in the scene. It doesn't appear from what he says that it was required for the shot. If it had been, they certainly wouldn't have been using old mayo. Honestly, I'm not sure what possesses any human to eat mayo for any reason, but that's another story.

Since the mayo didn't need to eaten, it was apparently decided that old stuff could be used, it was likely cheaper and easier, but it made the actor nearly throw up when he tried it.

From listening to co-stars Keith L. Williams and Brady Noon, Tremblay wasn't the only one who came close to getting sick on the set. There was apparently an incident with a pickled onion that also had the kids gagging.

While this all sounds pretty disgusting, it's far from surprising. The entire gimmick behind Good Boys is the idea of seeing these young kids, doing very adult, and very gross things. It sounds like it all worked out as planned.

Honestly, the fact that Good Boys doesn't include a musical dance number in a mall is the most upsetting thing I've heard today. All movies should include dance numbers and I can only hope that this scene is include in a future Blu-ray release. The world needs to see it.

Based on early word, it looks like Good Boys lives up to its names. The first reviews have started to hit and the movie is doing quite well with critics. It's just and vulgar, childish, and gross, and you would expect, but in all the best ways.

R-rated comedies have been a difficult proposition recently. While there have always been those that have done well at the box office, it's mostly because they tend to be cheap to produce, and so profit is a easier to achieve. However, it's been a while since we've seen a R-rated comedy that wasn't a Deadpool movie really break the box office. Maybe Good Boys will be the film that breaks the streak. The film hits theaters this weekend.

Dirk Libbey
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