The Russo Brothers Share Endgame Video Of Chris Evans Fooling Around As Old Man Cap

There’s nothing like another behind-the-scenes Avengers: Endgame moment to make light of some of the most epic and emotional sequences of the summer blockbuster! The Russo Brothers have shared a hilarious video of Chris Evans’ Old Man Captain America strutting around by the park bench like it’s 1945. Here it is:

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Not too shabby for a retired Avenger, eh? In the Twitter post, the Endgame directors quipped about how Old Man Cap looks spry enough to be placed on Fantasy draft as he’s seen throwing around some rocks and putting on his game face in-between the filming of perhaps his character’s final scene in the franchise.

Following Iron Man’s sacrifice that killed off Thanos, Endgame gave fans a more happy ending for Steve Rogers, who was tasked with going back in time to return the Infinity Stones the team nabbed during the Time Heist. Minutes after he goes off on his mission back in time, Falcon finds Rogers sitting on a bench as an old man, where its revealed he lived out a full life with Peggy Carter.

Cap then passes on his shield to Anthony Mackie’s Sam Wilson (it’s all good, Sebastian Stan didn’t want to be the new Captain America anyway). It leaves the character some awfully big shoes to fill in future Marvel installments, namely in Falcon and The Winter Soldier television series coming to Disney+ in 2020.

It’s always fun to see a peak into what antics that happened in between the iconic scenes of Endgame and this video shows Chris Evans was having a blast portraying Old Man Cap on set, making a bit of fun of how capable he is, despite the frailty he projects on screen for the sequence.

Marvel recently released these side-by-side shots of the character in the scene and after visual effects were added to age his face. Check it out:

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Chris Evans did wear some makeup for the scene, sporting grey hair, some wrinkles and prosthetics on his neck. The VFX heightened the look by thinning out his face a bit and adding it more details to his old age. Pretty amazing, right?

We do have to wonder that since this Captain America is alive, if he’ll ever make any more appearances in future MCU projects. Hayley Atwell’s Peggy Carter reappeared as an older woman in Winter Soldier and her funeral was shown in Civil War. Not to mention that awkward lingering question about how Steve’s brief relationship with Sharon Carter played into his marriage with her aunt Peggy.

Even still, if Chris Evans sitting on a bench as Old Man Cap is the last we’ll ever see of the hero, it was an incredibly satisfying end to his time as the iconic hero.

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