Chris Evans Thinks The MCU Will Eventually Answer The Sharon And Peggy Carter Question

Peggy Carter and Steve Rogers get to dance

Are we still doing spoiler warnings for this movie? OK, there are specific spoilers in this story.

There’s been a lot written already about the time travel in Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame. Not all of the ramifications of time travel have been explained and even people at Marvel aren’t always 100% on the same page about how the time travel worked.

Which naturally means people have questions, particularly about things like Gamora's fate and Captain America and Peggy Carter. At Ace Comic Con, actor Chris Evans was asked about Captain America’s return to the past and whether or not his reunion with Peggy Carter has some icky ramifications with Sharon Carter.

As it turns out, Chris Evans doesn’t have the answers to these questions. But he does believe in his heart of hearts the MCU will leave no stone unturned with this time travel stuff. Our questions will be answered, even those related to the Peggy and Sharon Carter question. He said:

You’re asking for time continuity, alright. You know, I’m not sure I can give you those answers. That’s weak as shit if I just am like, ‘Ask the writers,’ but, ask the writers. I mean, look, I understand there’s a lot of things you could question about the time continuum, but if there’s anything I’ve learned about working with Marvel, it’s that they don’t leave stones unturned. They really don’t. At times, I may share some of the questions, but anytime I’ve kind of asked the question, there’s always an answer.

So, if Chris Evans is right, Avengers: Endgame won’t be the last time this topic is addressed in a movie. (It also likely won’t be the last time he gets asked this question in public forums.)

As noted at Ace Comic Con, Avengers: Endgame plays it a little fast and loose with time travel, closer to the way the rules have changed on Doctor Who over the years than the way time travel has been established in projects like Outlander.

Don Cheadle goes on to say that “time is not linear,” which was my take when I saw the flick. Even if Cap fooled around with Sharon Carter in our past, the fact is he then goes back into a new past to start a life with Peggy in a new timeline. This seemingly does not negate everything that happened in previous Marvel movies or the memories of those events, but it does create a separate narrative. Though it should be noted that Old Man Cap appearing in the main, present-day MCU timeline to pass on his shield to Sam complicates things further.

It’s also worth pointing out that as a Carter, Sharon should be related to Peggy and not to Steve Rogers, no matter how things shake out timeline-wise. So, even if this wasn’t a question of separate timelines, it would be weird, but really not as icky as some people have implied.

In short, what time travel means for a lot of characters still gets a little sticky, but I’m willing to see how this is all explained away at some point.

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Avengers: Endgame writers have said the intention for the whole return of Captain America to Peggy Carter was that the two children she had were his, which complicates the whole time travel conundrum further, at least in this timeline. The Russos have talked about a new “branch” of reality, which means even they aren’t on exactly the same wavelength.

Originally, Avengers: Endgame was supposed to open with Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter living together, which would be a whole ‘nother can of worms that I’m really happy I don’t have to get into right now.

Unfortunately, although Black Widow seems to be in motion and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has been confirmed, we don’t know exactly what’s in store for the MCU during Phase 4. Hopefully we'll find out soon, maybe even if some announcements are made at Comic-Con this year.

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