Avengers: Endgame Writer Co-Signs Peggy Carter Funeral Theory

Steve Rogers and Black Widow at Peggy Carter's funeral in Captain America: Civil War
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When we heard Avengers: Endgame would be the culmination of the expansive MCU thus far… it seemed like an almost impossible task. How were they going to pull it off? There were so many storylines and characters in play, and 21 movies before it. But the filmmakers managed to wrap up the Infinity Saga and give Captain America a fairytale ending with Peggy Carter, thanks to the film’s introduction to time travel. But there is a theory revolving around the internet regarding that twist, and Cap's possible attendance of her funeral.

Endgame brought on a lot of discussion among fans too. Such as this: did Steve Rogers fall in love and start a life with Peggy in the same MCU timeline we’re familiar with or in a new alternate one in his mission to return the Infinity Stones?

Some theorize that if he went back to the same time (which makes sense considering that’s the timeline where the stones are missing), perhaps old man Cap was present at Peggy’s funeral in Captain America: Civil War. Here’s what Captain America trilogy, Infinity War and Endgame co-writer Christopher Markus says:

I would very much like that. There is no set explanation for Cap’s time travel.

In fact, writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely apparently disagree with the Russo Brothers on how time travel works in Endgame, therefore at this point it’s up to the audience’s interpretation. Markus continued with these words to Los Angeles Times:

I love the idea of having two Steve Rogers in the timeline. One who lived a long life with Peggy and is in the background of that funeral scene watching his young self carry his wife’s coffin. Not just for the time travel mumbo-jumbo of it but for the weird personal pain and satisfaction that would be happening between two Steve Rogers there. I kind of love it.

There is something poetic about this image of two Caps from different times and lives being in the same room during that heartbreaking Civil War sequence where Chris Evans’ character tearfully carries her coffin. It’s easy to imagine the old Cap somewhere in the stands seeing his past self in mourning as he now carries the satisfaction of getting to share a life with her.

But there is another thing about Endgame’s connections to Civil War that’s more troubling than poetic. What about that moment when Captain America and Peggy Carter’s niece Sharon Carter shared a kiss and their budding romance in that movie? Seems like an awkward conversation Cap is going to face at family get togethers at some point.

Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely know it’s a touchy topic in the MCU. They recently revealed they once had Steve Rogers and Sharon Carter living together in Infinity War at one point, but as it stands it looks like Cap only has to come clean about one quick kiss.

The co-writers are no longer working for Marvel for now, since they’ve just masterfully written Captain America’s onscreen story arc and the highest-grossing movie of all time! Endgame is available to own on Digital and coming to Blu-Ray on August 13.

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