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Arthur Fleck in Joker

The comic book genre has dominated the box office over the past ten years, making superhero adaptations one of the most popular movies to hit theaters. Every studio is getting on the action, and attempting to create a cinematic universe that can compete with Marvel Studios' massive franchise. This has lead some to fear "superhero fatigue", although Todd Phillips' Joker looks like it's going to bring something wholly unique to the genre when it hits theaters.

Joker is set outside of the DC live-action universe, allowing Todd Phillips to make bold creative choices in his psychological origin story. Fans are eager to see Joaquin Phoenix play the title character, and see the Clown Prince of Crime rise and wreakhavoc on Gotham City. We're getting pretty close to the film's release, and Phillips has been releasing short clips from the highly anticipated project. The latest includes the Joker in full regalia, dancing wildly. Check it out.

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The Joker is here, and he's as charismatic and terrifying as ever. This clip is likely from the latter half of Joker, once Arthur Fleck has officially donned the makeup, purple suit, and signature green hair. But just what is he up to?

The Joker clip comes from Todd Phillips' personal Instagram page, which he regularly uses to communicate directly with the fandom and hype them up for the movie's impending release. Joker has been highly anticipated since it was originally announced, especially given the news that it would be disconnected from the greater DCEU. And now that its release is a month and change out, we should expect more footage and stills to arrive to help get excitement at a fever pitch.

The trailers from Joker have been noticeably vague, teasing the deep dive the upcoming movie will do into Arthur Fleck/Joker's psyche. This is especially interesting for hardcore fans of the character, as The Joker typically isn't a character who is given a fleshed out origin story. That's part of what makes him so terrifying in movies like The Dark Knight; he's an agent of chaos whose backstory changed every time he tells it.

Todd Phillips' movie will be in stark juxtaposition to that approach to the character. He'll be given a bonafide origin story, and not the Red Hood one previously seen on the page and small screen. Instead, moviegoers be introduced to the sad life of Arthur Fleck, a struggling comedian in 1981 Gotham City. The trailers show him living in squaller, taking care of his mother (Frances Conroy), and being beat down both physically and emotionally. Eventually he'll snap, and become the Clown Prince of Crime as we know him.

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It should be interesting to see what Todd Phillips brings to the table with Joker, as he's approaching the genre in a new way. Rather than action and visual affects, the upcoming movie appears to more about the emotional and mental state of its protagonist. Joker was also made on a small budget for a comic book movie: $55 million.

All will be revealed when Joker hits theaters October 4th, after premiering at a few film festivals first. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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