IT Chapter Two Is Already Breaking Records

Pennywise in It Chapter Two

IT Chapter Two doesn’t even come out until after Labor Day, yet it’s already breaking records – at least, in terms of pre-sales. The new movie still has 10 days to sell more tickets ahead of release, yet it now holds the record for most pre-sales, at least where horror movies are concerned.

Per the latest record, IT Chapter Two has already sold more tickets on Atom tickets than any other horror movie the service has catered to, which includes big movie titles. Here’s how the horror rankings fare right at this moment.

IT Chapter TwoHalloween (previous record holder)UsAnnabelle Comes Home

We hear about these pre-sales records being shattered a lot, simply due to more people using services like Atom Tickets or Fandango to nab their opening weekend tickets ahead of release rather than simply walking up to the box office and grabbing seats. Much has changed since the time people crammed themselves into theaters on a whim on a busy night. Now most theaters have options for users to pick their own seats ahead of time, as well, fueling demand for pre-sales -- at least for movies people really want to see.

Due to the popularity of pre-sales in more recent months, it's no real surprise these numbers include a lot of recent titles, things like IT and US, which actually gives us a good look at how the upcoming IT Chapter Two may fare, at least opening weekend.

The movie will be the sequel to the popular Andy Muschietti film IT, which ended up doing well both domestically and internationally. It made over $327 million domestically and over $372 million internationally for a total that jumped just over the $700 million dollar mark worldwide. Basically, it was a horror movie that did exceptionally well.

In fact, that’s a ton of money for a movie in any genre. For comparison with horror, the other three movies listed above in regards to pre-sales didn’t even come close to what IT made at the box office in their final totals. The other three movies only made in the $220-$260 million range worldwide by the end of their respective box office runs. I’d expect the pre-sales for IT: Chapter Two to blow these out of the water, but it’s still nice to see the movie breaking records already before its release.

A few weeks ago we learned IT Chapter Two is expected to do very well opening weekend, and could bring in somewhere between $110 and $150 million. Good pre-sales could go a long way to hitting those numbers. The first flick made $123.4 million during its opening weekend, which also fell in September.

IT Chapter Two will finally scare its way into theaters on September 6 and, obviously, tickets are already available. We've already seen plenty of footage from the upcoming movie, but if the horror genre isn't your thing and you’d like to see the full list of features hitting the schedule in September, we have you covered.

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