Full IT Chapter 2 Trailer Shows Way More Scares

The horror genre has been in a bit of a renaissance over the past few years. Rather than boring sequels and "torture porn", new and exciting properties have been brought to theaters, resulting in strong reviews and even stronger box office performance. Some of the classics have also been rebooted, to strong results. Just take Andy Muschietti's IT, which had an impressive run in theaters that quickly made way for a sequel.

IT Chapter 2 will see The Losers' Club return to Derry in their adulthood, fulfilling the pact they made to destroy Pennywise the Dancing Clown once he resurfaced. The movie has a killer cast, and the full trailer teased all sorts of new terrifying situations for the group. Check it out below, but make sure you're doing so with the lights on.

Does anyone else have chills? This final trailer for IT Chapter 2 showed some of the wild and horrifying events the movie will contain, as well as featuring the adult cast of Losers. And from the looks of it, Pennywise is back with a vengeance.

The trailer opens on Isaiah Mustafa's Mike Hanlon, speaking to the rest of his childhood friends. It appears that Pennywise's connection to Derry is indeed mystical, but it's limited to the town limits. So when the Losers' Club grew up and went their separate ways, they forgot about their shared trauma. But Mike stayed behind, and is charged with uniting his friends 27 years later to fulfill their pact about destroying the demonic clown.

Pennywise has one again returned to feast on the children of Derry, although it looks like his tastes have changed a bit for IT Chapter 2. The first glimpse of Bill Skarsgard's terrifying character is in his natural habitat: the sewers. His awakening seems to have flooded the system, and some poor man is likely the clown's first new victim.

Bill Skarsgard gets to do a bit of narration in this trailer, using Pennywise's unsettling and bizarre voice. It seems like the last 27 years haven't been good for the demon's mental state (lol), and he's coming back this time for revenge. He's done nothing but stew in his hatred for The Losers' Club, which may mean that he's even more vicious this time around.

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The Losers' Club may have grown up, but the original child cast is featured heavily in the new IT Chapter 2 trailer. We get to see how each of the members of the club grew up, aging into stars like James McAvoy, Jessica Chastain, and Bill Hader. It looks like we'll be treated to plenty of new footage of the OG cast, despite how they might have aged in between filming each installment. What's more, Bill's dead brother Georgie even comes back, as Pennywise takes his form to taunt the adult leader of the group.

The trailer is very effective in showing new stunning footage, without actually revealing too much about the contents of IT's sequel. Instead, we see very brief flashes of the film's action. The only exception is the hall of mirrors sequence with James McAvoy's Bill. Bill is left to watch in horror as Pennywise hunts another young boy, no doubt triggering memories of his late brother.

IT Chapter 2 will arrive in theaters on September 6th, 2019. In the meantime, check out our 2019 release list to plan your next trip to the movies.

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