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Since Avengers: Endgame hit physical and digital shelves a few weeks ago, Marvel fans have had the luxury of getting a closer look at the MCU epic. Particularly, there’s thousands of details to marvel at during the final battle as characters from the past decade of films fight alongside one another to take down Thanos and his army. Amidst the massive sequence, one fan has spotted an error around Doctor Strange’s neck. Take a look:

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As keen-eyed fan pointed out on Instagram, there is one shot of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange wearing the Eye of Agamotto during the Endgame battle, even though Thanos previously destroyed it in Avengers: Infinity War. It’s hardly noticeable, especially in a sequence packed with characters but an error nonetheless. Gotcha Marvel!

There was sure to be at least one mistake in the scene in Endgame considering it has to orchestrate the biggest Avengers’ crusade to date. The Eye of Agamotto can be briefly spotted right after Captain America’s call to arms with the iconic words “Avengers Assemble!” and the team’s theme rings in the background of the film.

Because Endgame and Infinity War were shot back-to-back under the Russo Brothers direction, the shot may have been shot on the same day as a sequence where Stephen Strange hadn’t yet given up the Time Stone to Thanos in order to preserve the brighter future he witnessed in which the Avengers win.

The shocking scene had the Master of the Mystic Arts giving away the stone he vowed to protect in order to save Tony Stark… and now we know there’s a good reason why. He knew Iron Man would be the one to make the ultimate sacrifice and save the universe. At the time, Robert Downey Jr’s character is confused as to why he makes the call but in an emotional moment between the two in Endgame’s battle, he knows what he has to do.

One can speculate that the shot of Doctor Strange is the version of the hero who went back in time to witness the one winning version of 14 million ways he went through in order to come to the conclusion to save Tony Stark. However, that opens a can of worms about the movie’s rules of time travel that still hurts our brains a little bit. It’s safer to assume it’s one little mistake in an otherwise flawlessly executed scene.

Doctor Strange will return in Marvel’s Phase Four in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness coming to theaters May 7, 2021. The sequel will be directed by Scott Derrickson once again and be the franchise’s first horror film as it explores the psychedelic terror of infinite universes.

Stay tuned with us here on CinemaBlend as more of Doctor Strange’s future is revealed.

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