Bryce Dallas Howard Doesn’t Want Jurassic World Franchise To End

Bryce Dallas Howard looking scared in Jurassic World 3

Bryce Dallas Howard doesn’t mince words when it comes to Jurassic World 3 or the franchise as a whole. In fact, when the actress was recently asked if she was ready for the popular Universal movies to be ending yet, she said she would really prefer if there were more, noting,

I want more… To be going into a third movie and to feel just as much excitement and support and kind of wonder and awe as I did the first time, that says a lot. I love [co-star] Chris Pratt. He’s my brother, you know, I just love him. I love [director] Colin Trevorrow so much, and [executive producer] Steven Spielberg certainly doesn’t suck.

Now that she’s listing off the major individuals involved in the franchise, I’m a little bit sad about this collaboration coming to an end sooner rather than later, too. Still, we know Jurassic World 3 is the third in a trilogy of movies that are follow-ups to Jurassic Park and its subsequent trilogy of films.

The next movie isn’t coming out until June 11, 2021, which feels like ages and ages at this point – particularly given that Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom came out in 2018. Universal has fairly consistently staggered these World movies about three years apart, so that release date doesn’t exactly come as a surprise, but it does feel like it will be hitting the big screen a long time from now.

Which is good news for Bryce Dallas Howard, who told International Business Times that she really wishes she could still with the dino-oriented franchise, given the relationships she’s built during the making of the movies with the stars and behind-the-scenes folks she previously mentioned.

Filming has yet to even start on Jurassic World 3 and the movie doesn’t even have an official title yet, although earlier reports indicated we’d likely see the movie start production in the spring of 2020. Once production wraps, it typically takes a year or more to complete a movie with such notable visual effects, which is what brings us to the 2021 release date.

Honestly, however, I don’t necessarily anticipate this will be the last movie the franchise as a whole ever makes. Given Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom brought in Jeff Goldblum’s Ian Malcolm and there are hints Jurassic World 3 will bring back some of the rest of the original cast, another reboot down the line could always bring Bryce Dallas Howards Claire Dearing and Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady back into play. (Seriously, though, there's been so much talk about other original cast members returning.)

At least, Bryce Dallas Howard can hope. In the meantime, the actress is taking a step back from acting to focus on work directing an episode of the highly-anticipated new Disney+ series The Mandalorian, which is set in the Star Wars universe. Jurassic World 3 is currently scheduled to drop on June 11, 2021.

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